Top 5 Foods to Avoid For Better Sex Life

Top 5 Foods to Avoid For Better Sex Life

It might sound odd but it is absolutely true that there are foods that can turn down your sexual drive. People who are committed in their relationships and seek healthy sex relationship are recommended to avoid some foods in order to a have a better sex life. This article will highlight top 5 foods to avoid for a better sex life. Take note of those foods and enjoy a healthy relationship.


Foods to Avoid For Better Sex Life

The USDA’s Pesticide Data Program estimation says that one person is exposed to at least 10 to 13 pesticides in a day. Nine of these effect the human’s sexual drive by causing disturbance in male and as well as female’s hormones. These types of pesticides are also known as endocrine disruptors. One of these pesticides is used on shrimps so that they do not lose their color and this highly affects a woman’s estrogen level. Along with that, there are also other sea foods like eel and salmon that are extremely high with pesticides. In order to avoid getting exposed to these harmful pesticides, you must opt for organic sea food at all times.



Alcohol is another of the top 5 foods to avoid for better sex life. It may get you in a good mood but consuming more than you are required will decrease your libido. It affects the man’s ability to maintain erection due to which both the sex’s may remain dissatisfied with their sexual intercourse. The best way to avoid high amount of alcohol consumption is to take sips instead of gulping it down in one go.



Yes, we are sorry that you love sugar but this is a food to avoid for a better sex life. Sugar is found in almost all edible items, like confectionery products, coffee, tea, drinks, soft drinks and all kinds of delicious desserts. Sugar basically increases hormone insulin level which result in storage of belly fat and loss of muscle mass. This in turn can decrease your testosterone level. In addition to that, belly fat results in high estrogen level which can lead to erectile dysfunction and decreased libido.


Plastic Bottled Water

Foods to Avoid For Better Sex Life

It’s not the water but the plastic in which the water comes. A chemical compound which is known as Bis-phenol A is found in plastic. Bis-phenol A is considered as one of the causes of infertility in both men and women. This is why you must avoid bottled water for a better sex life.


Trans-fats Consisting Food

Foods to Avoid For Better Sex Life

Trans-fats are the major reasons of clotting in the arteries. With clotted and blocked arteries the blood flow will decrease to your sexual organs which can lead to infertility. Along with that, clogged arteries can cause orgasm to decrease thus leaving you and your partner unsatisfied.

All in all, you can bring back the spark in your relationship by avoiding these top 5 foods for a better sex life.

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