Top 7 Amazing Health Benefits Of Drinking Water In A Copper Vessel

Top 7 Amazing Health Benefits Of Drinking Water In A Copper Vessel

Water – The utmost essential ingredient for any living being’s survival. Human or animals, water is most important source for survival. 70% of our body is water and no human can survive more than 3 days without water. About 71 percent of the Earth’s surface is water-covered which also includes oceans. Water is precious element and one should reap maximum health benefits from it.

Ancient times, people had to walk miles together for fresh water and followed the practice of storing it in large copper vessels. Copper was largely used by our ancestors for its numerous benefits they already knew it. So is the reason for iron metal usage. Our grandmothers used iron vessels for food preparation, as the food prepared using iron utensils used to supply essential amount of iron to their bodies. They lived longer because they practiced and reaped all the available benefits. Today, so much we know, yet we ignore..Ironic!! 

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Today we use UV filters and RO purifiers to purify water and may find copper vessel out fashioned. But then, what’s the point of over-looking the natural health benefits available and then gulping health supplement pills? 

Here are the top 7 amazing health benefits of drinking water in a copper vessel

1. Kills Bacteria

Water stored in copper vessel for over-night or more than 8 hours will naturally purify the water. Copper metal have ability to kill all the harmful bacteria, fungi and algae. Water stored in copper vessel gets colder fast, great for summers. Your body will be benefited with required amount of copper when you drink water from the copper vessel.


2. Aids in Weight Loss

One of the known benefit of drinking water from a copper vessel is this. You might have heard people giving advice of drinking water from copper vessel first thing in the morning for weight loss. Store water in a copper vessel for overnight(atleast 8 hours) and drink in the morning. Water stored in a copper utensil will never stale for days together. Storing water for overnight will transfer required copper mineral into the water. It stimulates your digestive system and aids in breaking down the body fat. Thus, you benefit from weight loss. 


3. Nurture Skin and Boosts Melanin Production

Copper plays vital role in reproducing melanin in our body. Amount of melanin in our body is the main determining factor of hair, eye and skin color. Know that when melanin is reduced we start seeing grey hair growing and skin texture changes. Copper is essential for balancing melanin in our body. Copper in body helps in formation of new cells which will restore top layers of skin giving us soft and supple skin.


4. Knock Anemia 

Anemia deficiency is the most common disease we have been hearing these days. When our body is unable to absorb the required amount of iron, it results in lower red blood cells and hemoglobin. Copper intake aids our body in absorption of iron. Note: Iron is heavy mineral and our body needs required amount of copper to absorb iron and regulate its flow .


5. Better Digestion System

3 out of 10 complains about weak digestion system. Weak digestion system means you are not able to enjoy your food. Adding copper into your regular routine will soothe the inflammation and ulcers of your tummy. Copper is natural way for cleansing and detoxing your stomach. It will aid in proper function of kidney and liver, which will trash all the waste from your body. 


6. Look Young

No one likes to grow old or at-least appear old. Don’t we hate those fine lines and wrinkles appearance? Well, copper is at the rescue. How? Copper is rich source of new cell formation and anti-bacterial. It’s strong anti-oxidant quality will fight free radicals which is the main reason for fine lines. 


7. Boosts Immune and Strengthens Bones

Copper is anti-inflammatory and this property helps the kidney to break down the waste easily and throw out of the body. Its anti-inflammatory quality keeps the stomach healthy and aid in absorbing required nutrients from food. This in-turn boosts immune system. Apart from that, copper also has bone strengthening properties, making it the perfect remedy for arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

All we need to do is simply fill a copper jar with water every-night and drink from it. If you think having copper jar is old fashioned then, you have not seen fancy copper jars yet. There are even combination of copper and stainless steel jars available in the market if someone want to keep the copper intake less. 

Don’t choose the convenience of plastic bottle over copper. Plastic is bad for your body and environment too. Copper calls for healthy living. Keep your copper vessel clean and shining always with tamarind-salt paste or rub a piece of lemon.


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