5 Premenstrual Changes in the Body That Every Woman Should Know

5 Premenstrual Changes in the Body That Every Woman Should Know

A woman’s body goes through constant changes throughout the month. The biggest change that her body goes through is before the menstruation. It is essential that as a woman you are aware of all the changes your body is going through. Below are the listed 5 premenstrual changes in the body that every woman should know.

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Swollen breasts

Swollen breasts are one of the pre-menstrual changes in the body. Before menstruation your ovaries secrete the hormone progesterone which is an important hormone for pregnancy. Due the progesterone being released the milk ducts in your breasts expand thus causing swollen breasts. Also, there is a slight pain which happens since your breasts have swollen.

Joint and Muscle Pain

Premenstrual Changes in the Body That Every Woman

A research conducted at University of North Carolina has shown that a week before the menstruation the muscle fibers fire frequently. Now when the progesterone decreases as the menstruation begins, your knees get destabilized hence the pain. It is wise to not try any kind of new physical activity during this time because of any unwanted injury. You can carry out with your regular workout because that will help to keep you in good mood.


Premenstrual Changes in the Body That Every Woman

Bloating is one of the most annoying pre-menstrual change in the body. It just doesn’t allows us to fit into our favourite clothing. Along with progesterone, another hormone is released known as the estrogen during this period of time. The fluctuation of these hormones causes fluid retention hence causing stomach bloat. This is just the water weight and 3 days after your period you will feel your stomach becoming flat again. Usage of hot water bag can help to ease the pain that bloating gives.


Headaches occur less frequently than the other pre-menstruation changes in the body. Headaches occur due to the estrogen level dropping right before the menstruation begins and progesterone level rising. The actual reason behind headache is yet to be known but it is likely faced by women who are on her  birth control pills, have poor nutrition, facing sleep deprivation or are under constant stress.

Mess with your Skin

Premenstrual Changes in the Body That Every Woman

Pre-menstruation are usually not the best times to attend any parties or wedding. This is because the fluctuation in the estrogen and progesterone levels causes the oil glands under our skin to become active. This means that we develop an oily skin before and during menstruation. This is not all. The high level of oil secretion blocks the skin pores which in turn can cause pimples and acne. This is the time when you should stay away from hanging out in the sun and even if you do, remember to use a good sun block lotion.

Despite all these pains of being a woman no one can deny that how much we love to be one. Womanhood is beautiful and every stage of it has something unique to be cherished about. Also, the chocolate craving that we face during menstruation is a part of apology for all the pain caused by the periods.

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