Why Baba Ramdev’s Patanjali Wants Marijuana To Be Legalised In India? Read On!

Why Baba Ramdev’s Patanjali Wants Marijuana To Be Legalised In India? Read On!

The hippie fan club should rejoice in India ‘cause finally, there are talks about legalising marijuana making a round in the country. Yes! Marijuana may get legalised in India for real!

Patiala MP, Dr. Dharamvir Gandhi, has proposed an amendment to the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances (NDPS) Act of 1985, thereby seeking the legalisation of marijuana and other non-synthetic intoxicants. This private member’s bill has already been accepted in the Lok Sabha and has received support from the Union Minister of Women and Child Development Maneka Gandhi. Not only this, even the PMO wants to relook the laws prohibiting marijuana in the country.


Reasons For Legalising Marijuana

  • Decriminalisation of marijuana will help to get rid of the black market and illicit trade in this area. The trade of marijuana will be regulated by the government and will no longer breed criminals.
  • The marijuana trade is currently a black market and though it is a huge market, no taxes are applied to it. Once marijuana gets legalised, taxes imposed on the trade of the same will help the country earn sufficient revenue.
  • Marijuana has innumerable medicinal properties curing cancer, anxiety, alzheimer’s disease, arthritis, etc.
  • One cannot get addicted to marijuana. Hence, there are no withdrawal symptoms and no fatalities.
  • Job opportunities can be created for the locals residing in the mountains, where marijuana actually grows, thus helping them to sustain themselves without leaving their homeland.


India’s First March To Legalise Marijuana

The movement, called The Great Legalisation Movement- India, has spread it wings with the help of social media. Hundreds of supporters are hitting the streets in their respective cities seeking the legalisation of marijuana. The reason behind this demand, put forth by the group, is that marijuana has been called the sacred plant in the Vedas then why can’t it be a legal one in the present times?


Why Baba Ramdev Is Rooting For Legalisation Of Marijuana

There is no doubt that Baba Ramdev has been wanting to manufacture all things natural for its brand, Patanjali. Patanjali’s CEO, Acharya Balkrishna, has now opened up to this desire stating that Patanjali supports the movement for legalising marijuana in India. From medicinal properties to manufacturing daily use items like footwear, clothing and even ropes, marijuana (hemp) has multiple uses for our society which can also be helpful in reducing non-biodegradable waste to a great extent. There is no doubt, then, that an Ayurveda-based products manufacturing company like Patanjali would support the legalisation of marijuana in India.

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Marijuana is a naturally growing plant which can be used as oil, hemp for producing tangible, long-lasting goods like chairs, ropes, swings, etc., in tampons for menstrual cramp relief and so on. Cannabis or marijuana has been in use in India since 2000 BCE. But since the change in the drug laws of the United States took place, India changed its policies towards the legal existence of this plant. Nevertheless, the current situation, in the movement for legalising marijuana in India, has brought hopes back for the people who have supported the positive outcomes of the use of marijuana.


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