6 Reasons You Are Not Losing Weight

6 Reasons You Are Not Losing Weight

So, you have been following a routine, working out daily, eating healthy and counting on those calories – but you are not losing weight? Sooo annoying, right?  It is a common problem and we have got you fixes for it.

Read on to find the solution for no weight loss.

1. Following One Workout Routine

reasons not losing weight

This is the most common mistake that we all do. Not changing or re-planning your workout routine. If you have been doing the same workout for a long time, your body gets use to it and the workout doesn’t affect your body any longer. Change your workout every two to three months.


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2. Not Workingout Regularly

reasons not losing weight

If you think that for a week you have been working out and eating healthy – and now you deserve a break. Think again. It’s good to take a day off, but not more than that. Just work it out.

3. Not Eating Enough

reasons not losing weight

There is a difference in eating less and starving yourself. Eat smaller portions of food, don’t starve yourself.  Instead of having two slices of bread have one.


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4. Not Enough Sleep

reasons not losing weight

Sleep is an important factor when it comes to mental and physical health. It also affects weight loss. It is also said that sleep helps reduce weight, whereas poor sleeping habits are a cause of obesity.

5. Drink Too Much Alcohol

reasons not losing weight

If you attend too many social gatherings and enjoy a glass wine, avoid it the next time. Many alcoholic drinks do contain sugar, which is a big reason of no weight loss. Drink in moderation.

6. Drinking Less Water

reasons not losing weight

 Drinking water boosts the amount of calories burnt. Drink at least two liters of water daily.

You also need to keep in mind that you need mental rest too. Don’t stress yourself to levels which you can’t achieve. Stress is also a cause of stagnant weight. It’s important you stay healthy and stress free.


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