10 Makeup Bag Essential – Beginners

10 Makeup Bag Essential – Beginners


Hello! Makeup newbies, I hope you are enjoying the world of makeup.  By now you already have a makeup bag, which is loaded with makeup and if not – don’t worry! It can be a little overwhelming to decide what you need to keep in you makeup bag; with so many options around you. Some of which are an essential and some are not that essential. But we have your back!


Here are some of the essential that you must have in your Makeup bag beginners.Hope you already own a cute and chic makeup bag. And if you don’t,shop here.


Makeup bag Beginners



So, let’s get started!


1.BB or CC cream


Makeup Bag Beginners


These creams are the best for newbies to practice and avoid any mishaps. They are easy to use and also don’t look patchy or cakey.


2. Compact Powder


Makeup bag Beginners


Set your base with a compact powder or use it for any kind of touch-ups. Avoid using excess compact powder. You surely don’t want to look like a zombie.



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3. Makeup Sponge


Makeup bag Beginners


I love the beauty blender! It is easy to use and blends the foundation evenly.  It is an ideal product for beginners.


4. Wet wipes/Makeup remover


Makeup bag Beginners


This is a must have for every girl. It removes makeup easily on the go. Apart from makeup, it also leaves you fresh and relaxed.


5. Mascara


Makeup bag Beginners


Get those lashes of fleek. Keep mascara handy, this will give you an instant eye lift. And it also adds volume to your lashes. I personally love mascara’s.


6. Eye Liner


Makeup bag Beginners


No matter how good your eye liner is, eventually it will tend to smudge and smear. Keep an eye liner or kohl handy for any touch ups.


7. Brow Gel


Makeup bag Beginners


Brows on fleek, check! Brow gels are easy to use. Because you are a beginner you don’t want to risk your brows.


8. Cheek and Lip Stain


Makeup bag Beginners


This 2 in 1 product is going to be your BFF. You can replace your blush with this, as it gives a more natural effect. It also replaces your lipstick, as the stain will make your lips look more natural and healthier.


9. Lip Balm


Makeup bag Beginners


You don’t want chapped and dry lips, do you? A good lip balm is always necessary to carry. This will keep your lips moist and hydrated; you can also choose a lip balm with a tinge of color.


10. Nude Eye Shadow Duo Palette


Makeup bag Beginners


You don’t want to overdo your makeup and suddenly look different. Keep a nude duo palette to add some depth to your eyes, without looking OTT.


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