Top 5 Upcoming Fashion Trends Of 2018 To Keep You Stylish All Year Round

Top 5 Upcoming Fashion Trends Of 2018 To Keep You Stylish All Year Round

Agree or not, there are certain fashion trends that rise to the top every year. After the trend forecasts and numerous fashion shows, we see growth in specific prints, silhouettes, patterns etc. These trends don’t stick around for long and are usually popular only for that particular season or year. 

This year, 2018, is no exception. After the major fashion weeks, a few significant trends have become the focus and are expected to be a rage. Let us take a look at the top 5 fashion trends of 2018.

1. Check-mate

Fashion Trends Of 2018
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Ever wondered, what is the difference between checks and plaids?
While checks are small striped, plaids are the larger ones. Burberry’s signature style, ‘the checks’ are coming back in trend in a big way this spring/summer and is here to stay  this autumn/winter as well. A tonne of celebrities like Cara Delevingne, Bella Hadid, Celine Dion have recently been spotted wearing plaids.


2. Glitter/Metallic Addiction

Fashion Trends Of 2018
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Glitter/metallic/sequins have all been considered to be all-time hits in the party wear scenario. They also happen to be a part of sophisticated evening wear collections for the winters. But this spring/summer you will see an all new twist as sequence will not be restricted to party wear but will be a hit during the day as well. Keep in mind, all that glitters is not gold. So be careful of how you team up your sequence pieces for day wear and try to keep it a little low by pairing is with a solid piece.


3. Pretty in Pastel and Florals

Fashion Trends Of 2018
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No more summers are about all things neony. The industry has found a new love in pastels. It is calm and pleasant to wear pastels during summer as it keeps you cool. Floral prints on pastel coloured dresses will look pretty for that sunday brunch with your loved ones.  Pantone declared ‘ultra-violet’ as the colour of the year, so it comes as no surprise that its softer version; Lilac, will do well this spring/summer.


4. Fringe-Tastic Dress

Fashion Trends Of 2018

Haven’t you decided on picking fringe dress or accessories yet!! Let these celebrities in fringe binge from their red carpet moment trick your mind to have it in your wardrobe. 

Fringe is a major 2018 trend. Everyone in Paris is donning the fringes with big fashion houses like Céline, Balmain and Nina Ricci showcasing their fringe collection line at the Paris fashion week. Skirts, tops, dresses are all finished with fringing for a refined retro look. In case dresses with fringes are OTT for you then bags and jackets are the easiest to carry.


5. Sheer Transparency Trend

Fashion Trends Of 2018
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Sheer, Plastic, see-through laces are going to take over high end brands by the storm. Don’t be surprised if all brands have replaced the crop top trend with sheer this season. They’ve been seen all over the runway in all silhouettes possible. You could club a sequined bustier with a sheer top and you’ll find all eyes ogling at you.

Now that you are aware of the vital trends coming up this season, don’t shy away from trying them out. If you want to play safe, make way for pastels and checks in your wardrobe, for those who love the boho vibes embrace the fringes. To bring out that risqué chick in you, dare to wear the sequins and sheer.

Written by: Neha Dantes


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