The Unwanted Industry Of Pre-wedding Shoots

The Unwanted Industry Of Pre-wedding Shoots

Wedding photography has gained a lot of popularity in the past decade and a half. In the 90s, photography at weddings was just a subsidiary to the bigger preparation extravaganza. Today, wedding photography(videography and cinematography) is probably the most important part of a wedding celebration, also a big chunk of budget is spent on photography. This has lead this industry to grow and expand. From a handful of good wedding photographers to every third person with a DSLR camera proclaiming to be a photographer, the industry has lured young professionals towards itself.

As a result, large number of youths have been choosing wedding photography as a career option, irrespective of good degree and jobs they have. The number of photographers increased and so did the creativity in this area. This is when pre-wedding shoots were invented and thrown into the wedding industry as the new age trend, raising the costs of photography for the customer.

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We are in no way against wedding photographers. But there is no logic behind spending money in thousands on florists, makeup, expensive clothing and accessories plus a destination place for a pre-wed photography.  The unwanted pre-wedding shoots are just a clever way to make more money and that’s just something that needs to stop.

Pre wedding shoots are also called wedding portfolios, but why would one need wedding portfolios in the first place? The cherry on the cake is a destination pre wedding shoot. Before the wedding celebrations begin, the bride and groom buy expensive clothes, go to exotic destinations, wear those new dresses and pose unnaturally for photographs. Not only this, the client is supposed to pay all the expenses, including travel, food and stay, of the photographer and his/her team. Why would you want to sponsor an all expenses paid trip to a team of 5 people who are already getting paid by you for clicking unnecessary pictures with no substantial memories attached to them? These only absurd reason behind a pre-wed shoot is to play it on a big LCD screen to show it to your guests on wedding day. Does that really make any sense!?

A new era of candid or natural photography also spurred recently. According to wedding photographers, candid photography gives them a chance to be more creative while earning them a few extra bucks. First of all, candid is not actually candid. Candid photography in India is very difficult with hoards of relatives holding smartphones with cameras, people looking for pretty pictures and not the ones that show them without make-up and most importantly the photographer’s uncontrollable traditional urge to ask people to look at the camera. This candid photography is also a part of pre wedding shoots which adds to the total cost.

An average wedding photographer, today, would charge around 60,000 INR per day. So if you have 2 days of pre wedding shoot and a 4-day wedding, you’ll have to pay almost 3 and a half lakh rupees along with the additional expenses like their travel, stay, food, etc. An income touching 4 lakh rupees in just 6 days, now that’s something. Not to forget, you are paying 1.2 lakh rupees only for the pre wedding shoot.

And once you get married and receive the hard copy of your pre wedding shoot, what are you going to say to each other?- “Oh, remember when we posed in front of the camera, at a strange place wearing expensive clothes?” Yes, you paid 1.2 lakh rupees for a portfolio that Karan Johar will never see.

Wedding photography markets are never down, even when Sensex hits a low. A $30 billion wedding industry in India, always welcomes those who can capture the memories of the big day all so beautifully. Wedding photographers work really hard at what they do. And the excellent results are a proof of the same. But the pre wedding industry is as unwanted and unnecessary as the groom’s resistance to the garland being put around his neck by the bride. A Delhi-based photographer Vijay Tonk, who charges around 100,000 rupees for clicking pictures at a two-day function, 10 times more than what he charged in 2010 says,  “It’s a status symbol now to spend money and have good (pictures).”

Is it logical and reasonable to spend 4 -5 lakh rupees on a pre-wedding shoot? We see it unwanted trend driving couples crazy. What is your thought? Tell us in the comments box


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