The Millennial Generation Is Silently Opting For Arranged Marriages And We Know Why

The Millennial Generation Is Silently Opting For Arranged Marriages And We Know Why

If you think you know the Tinder generation well, think again. The millennials have now, secretly, changed their preferences when it comes to getting married. The teenage times are long gone and the millennials are all set to ‘get settled’, as they say. But there is one little detail which has had us shocked since we came to know about it. The gen-y millennials are now preferring arranged and family approved marriage alliances rather than depending on love to happen first. No, we are not kidding.

A poll conducted by, a leading matrimony site, in November last year has surfaced this truth. The poll was open from November 1 to 10 and more than seven thousand young singles, from 20 to 35 years of age, participated in it. When asked to rank their priorities, marriage came second. The first place was taken over by career. 59% of them said that they would seek approval of their family before getting married and 19% stated that they would go for traditional arranged marriage.

There are several reasons that can be held responsible for this change in preference of millennials regarding marriages.

If you have been single for too long, the urge to be with someone heightens. Our culture has shaped up the inherent nature of our parents and our genes have been attributed to such a nature. This is why the ideal age range to be in a committed relationship is 20-30 years. Staying single for most part of your 20s increases the desire to be in a committed relationship which is why someone who has been single for too long looks for options like arranged marriages to increase the chances of meeting someone worth spending their lives with.

The idea of arranged marriages has also become popular due to the advent of social media. Believe it or not, social media apps, like Facebook and Tinder, have brought people together, exposed them to dating and even shown the real faces of quite a lot of people who haven’t been too loyal. People have started filtering their choices and in dearth of finding the right one have turned towards their family to find a perfect match for them.

With too much dating come too many heartbreaks. There is a tiny percentage of millennials who haven’t been heartbroken at all. Others have had to face the worse in love and a lot of them have gone for the arranged marriage to leave the job, of bringing them the right person, to destiny so that they no longer feel guilty for making the wrong choice for themselves.

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And ofcourse, the society decides an expiration date for you to get married and a lot of millennials fall into that pressure leading them to choose an arranged marriage for themselves.

Not everyone likes to fall in love first and then get married. A lot of millennial’s still follow the old way and fall in love after getting married, which is totally possible. Arranged marriages are still quite relevant in the times that we live in where the number of likes on a picture decide if a person is ‘cool’ or not. For those who fall in love before, congratulations! For those who don’t, there’s always a possibility of finding love after marriage. Go for it millennial’s!

What is your opinion about arranged marriages? You think it’s more successful and reliable in today’s time? Tell us in the comments box.


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