PM Modi, Anushka, Comedian Biswa Kalyan, Sapan Verma and Danish Sait Urge Us To Talk About Depression After Arjun Bhardwaj’s Suicide

PM Modi, Anushka, Comedian Biswa Kalyan, Sapan Verma and Danish Sait Urge Us To Talk About Depression After Arjun Bhardwaj’s Suicide

The nation is in trauma after a teen named Arjun Bhardwaj commited suicide. Arjun Bhardwaj, a 23-year-old student of Narsee Monjee Institute of Management committed suicide by jumping off from 19th floor of posh Taj Lands End in Bandra on Monday. The lad who watched video tutorials on how to commit suicide had eye-grabbed every individual’s attention and has gone viral. Before committing suicide, Arjun recorded live Facebook video, where his friends got the hint and immediately alerted the hotel staff about his intention of suicide. But before he could be saved by hotel staff, Arjun broke the window and jumped off from 19th floor.(Also ReadHrithik Roshan Opens Up About Depression)

Arjun got himself into drugs addiction and was going through depression. Before committing suicide, he spoke to his father like any other normal call. Before taking such drastic step, he had penned down his problems on getting failed in college for multiple times and wrote a suicide note of 9 pages asking his parents to forgive him for such traumatic step.

The incident had not only shocked us but also made us aware that it’s high time depression needs to be discussed in open. Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma expressed her grief through tweet and PM Modi for the first time in his #MannKiBaat highlighted the need and medical help for depression. Bollywood actors Hrithik Roshan and Deepika Padukone too revealed us they had suffered depression in the past. To bring awareness Deepika Padukone had also ran a campaign called ‘Live Love Laugh Dobara’. 

WATCH: Deepika Padukone’s Live Love Laugh Dobara Poocho Ad Campaign Urges People To Spot The Signs Of Depression!


Narendra Modi shared with us that 36% of Indians experience depression. He dedicated World Health Day this year for Mental Health and Depression. He urged in his #MannKiBaat to open up about depression with our close ones and seek medical help. Talk and share about our problems but do not suppress them.

Mumbai police too did their part by reminding us that there are helplines when you feel depressed and low. You can always seek help from #WeAreListening


The comedian Biswa Kalyan Rath who was once gulped into depression opened up about his story after Arjun Bhardwaj’s suicide. He shared on his Facebook wall and we believe it’s related to every one of us. It’s worth reading and at the end you will realize we should not even think about killing ourselves.

Read Biswa Kalyan Rath’s Depression story


And then how social media is fucking our lives. We see someone’s FB wall and think everything is prefect. We think that parents are always right and can never be wrong.


Comedian Sapan Verma of East Indian Company(EIC) rightly used word ‘another’ in his post. He called Arjun Bhardwaj’s suicide as ‘another’ because, it’s not for the first time that someone committed suicide because of depression. He shares his struggles during IIT coaching classes and hiding his grades from parents because his friends used to score better. His video speaks about pressure student face from much acclaimed college for engineering and medical –  KOTA and IIT.

Here is Sapan Verma’a depression story and video like we have/had our’s

Handsome radio jockey, actor and comedian Danish Sait too shared his depression war. He say’s that depression is evil, tough to overcome and how it seen as taboo in our society. He shared how people going through depression feel isolated and do not share their problems with anyone. Worth watching one more depression story from the real heroes around us.

Danish Sait’s depression message after Arjun Bhardwaj’s suicide –


What does this tell us?

It’s time to accept the fact and open up about depression like any other medical ailment. It’s not a taboo that one cannot discuss or talk about depression. Parents and society should understand and speak more often about depression with their kids. Let’s all accept the fact that once in a lifetime everyone has/had gone thorough some rough patch and when find it tough to overcome we should seek medical and emotional help. It’s not at all harm to have conversation with our friends, siblings and ask for support. Seeing a doctor for mental illness is not a taboo. 

Parents, let’s stop hammering our kids with marks, numbers, job and making comparison with others. Let us all accept them as they are and stop being judgmental. Let’s not act selfish or use insensitive words which can create one more Arjun Bhardwaj story to remember. 


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