Deepika Padukone’s Live Love Laugh Dobara Poocho Ad Campaign Urges People To Spot The Signs Of Depression!

Deepika Padukone’s Live Love Laugh Dobara Poocho Ad Campaign Urges People To Spot The Signs Of Depression!

Bollywood actress Deepika Padukone, who suffered from depression at the peak of her career, came up with an initiative “Live Love Laugh Foundation” that spreads awareness among people suffering from depression, stress, and anxiety. Deepika’s own fight with the disorder inspired her to start her own foundation in order to not let others suffer with what she went through. The recent Live Love Laugh Foundation’s (#TLLLF) new #DobaraPoocho ad campaign is the perfect video to spread awareness on depression and mental health.

There is only one question that triggers right now to all of us that, when was the last time you asked your friend, sister, cousin, “How are you?”, “Are Your Alright?”  

Live Love Laugh Dobara Poocho Ad Campaign

The campaign film #DobaraPoocho showcases the stories of regular people like us who are facing with depression or some kind of problems in life that we don’t share with our loved ones. The video sets an example and spreads a social message to make yourself available for the loved ones during the bad time of their life. This video is surely going to give strength to people who are suffering from depression and it will also inspire a lot of people to reach out to those people who need us.

With perfect tagline Dobara Poocho, this video will not break you down but instead will give you the courage to fight against your problems.

Those facing mental health challenges need love and support. TLLLF’s sincere hope is that Dobara Poocho will inspire all of us to become a little more sensitive to the people around us, look out for those who might have mental health issues and guide them to take the right action on the road to good mental health. We believe the campaign will be an important marker in the long and challenging journey to build more awareness and address the social stigma around mental health,” said Deepika Padukone, Founder, TLLLF.

So next time when you meet someone, do not forget to greet your loved ones! 

Watch the ad campaign here:


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