Hrithik Roshan Opens Up About Depression, Was His Divorce With Sussanne The Reason?

Hrithik Roshan Opens Up About Depression, Was His Divorce With Sussanne The Reason?

One needs to be brave enough to open up about the mental illness and depression. However, there are many Bollywood celebrities who have recovered from their depression and have spoken about their battle publicly. After Deepika Padukone and Karan Johar who shared their depression journey, Hrithik Roshan is the latest Bollywood celebrity to reveal that he has suffered from depression in the past. 

Hrithik shared that he had many ups and downs in life and that it is a normal thing. He also added saying that, we should be very casual when we speak about our depression problems.   

Speaking at #EverydayHeroes campaign to spread mental health awareness, Hrithik said, “I have been through my ups and downs. I have experienced depression and confusion. It’s a normal thing and we should be very casual when we speak about it. I have experienced issues in my life. We all go through ups and downs in our lives. The ups and downs are important because we evolve through both of them. When you go through a down it is important to have a clarity of thought. Sometimes your brain takes over and it kinds of feeds you with unwanted thoughts. Feeds you with thoughts which are not aligned with what you want to do in life and that is the time you need an objective point of view or a third person to look at you and tell you that this is what has happened because you lose awareness at that time.”

Giving out a powerful and strong message to his fans, Hrithik Roshan also stated that one should not feel weak or lesser person during the depression. The Mohenjo Daro actor further said that depression should be treated like any other normal illness.

“Millions don’t know they might be suffering from something clinical which is not their fault. It is nothing one should feel awkward about. A knee, elbow, back or neck problems are something we are unapologetic to talk about. But when we are going to go through deep anxiety, depression, chaos, confusion or addictive behaviour and even though we know we are going through it, we don’t allow ourselves to talk about the problems that deal with the brain. It is because we have been conditioned since birth that it is something to feel embarrassed about. And we need to stamp out that stigma. We need to set ourselves free. We need to educate people,” said Hrithik at the event. 

Well, undoubtedly, Hrithik is brave enough but we wonder what made him so weak. Was his divorce with Sussanne Khan the reason behind his depression? What do you think about the same? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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