7 Bollywood Actors Outfit Style To Impress Your Girl

7 Bollywood Actors Outfit Style To Impress Your Girl

Guys!! You should really check on Bollywood Actors when you want to style prefect and flatter your girl. While the world is upside down on what to gift and how to surprise her with everything that she would love and adore; little we do focus on what to wear. Guys, gear up your styling quotient for that special day by taking a sneak from these Bollywood Actors.

1. Ranveer Singh


Follow Ranveer Singh, when you want to impress your girl. Ask Deepika Padukone if you do not believe me:P. This casual look with jacket on(we loved that cropped jacket), is perfect when you head out with her for a movie and dinner.


2. Shahid Kapoor

Bollywood actors

Shahid Kapoor’s slim fit formal wear style is for those guys who regularly gym and want to impress a girl who is colleague at office or say taking her out on lunch date between office hours. Not at all bad when you have to manage at office and love.


3. Varun Dhawan

Bollywood actors

Varun Dhawan’s styling in leather jacket at promos and airport look is so cool. Jackets can go with anything whether its shirt or t-shirt. It gives cool rider look and you can wear it for night party.


4. Arjun Kapoor

Bollywood actors

Arjun Kapoor’s styling is an inspiration for all the college going guys. He tell us how to pair tee with an open shirt and rock on.


5. Ranbir Kapoor

Bollywood actors


Ranbir Kapoor style is so different and unique that every boy next door would like to steal. He tell us how to wear and match scarve with with any outfit.


6. Fawad Khan

Bollywood actors

Fawad Khan is new one on the styling list. If you are looking for some serious formal looks, you really need to take few tips from Fawad Khan’s stylish way of flaunting in formal suits at mobile launch and promos.


7. Salman khan

Bollywood actors

Salman Khan, who always entertain us with his epic dialogues on screen is also on the list of styling.  We are all big fans of him, especially girls.Guys, I gave you the hint!! Impress your girl in a simple way like Salman Khan does, tshirt and denim jeans that’s all.

Which Bollywood actor are you going to follow for stylish looks? Comment below.



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