You Won’t Believe Why Shiv Sena Wanted Nawazuddin Siddiqui Out of Ramleela

You Won’t Believe Why Shiv Sena Wanted Nawazuddin Siddiqui Out of Ramleela

Amidst all the hatred that has been sown by political parties and anti-social elements, it was a respite when we came to know that the versatile actor and a very gentle human being, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, was going to play the role of Marich in a local Ramleela. It was in a very long time, that a Muslim man was going to play a part in an age old tradition. However, as they say, some people really dig politics and religion in everything, and that is what happened here.

Apparently, the idea of a Muslim man playing a part in Ramleela did not go down too well with the Shiv Sena, who immediately opposed it and made sure that Nawaz was ousted as soon as possible. According to them, if the thing has not happened for the past fifty years, there is no reason it should be happening. Quite regressive and primitive thought processing, don’t you think?

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However, reports also suggest that there might be another reason for it. If you might remember, few days back, Nawazuddin had been accused by his younger brother’s wife for domestic abuse and dowry extortion. The actor however had denied the allegations saying those were just stunts for publicity. Allegedly, Shiv Sena is also objecting to the actor playing a part in the Ramleela because of the allegations against him.

Well, we would have really loved Nawaz to be a part of this amazing tradition, given the gifted performer that he is. However, seems like that won’t be happening soon. Till the next time, then.


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