Choose The Right Bikini For Your Body Shape

Choose The Right Bikini For Your Body Shape


Summer is officially here! It’s time to beat the heat with a tall glass of coolers at the beach or pool. So, this part is the fun part of summers, but there is a dilemma that most of us face. What kind of bikini to wear for my body shape?  I am sure you must have heard various names for body shapes, hourglass, apple, pear, inverted trapezoid and much more to name. Whether you need to conceal or reveal your asset, we are here to guide you to pick the right bikini for your body shape.

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Pear Shape Body

This is the era to flaunt that booty, just like Beyoncé or Kim K. Wear a solid color brief bottom and pair it with a stringy bikini. This will draw attention to the upper half of your body, which is more toned. Don’t be shy to hide that booty.


Right Bikini For Your Body Shape


Hourglass Shaped

Your body type is a classic bombshell body full bust, booty and a waspish waist. You can pretty much wear anything,but halter or triangle bikini tops and triangle bikini bottoms will look great on you.. This will emphasize the curves and contour of your body.

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Right Bikini For Your Body Shape


Apple Shaped

You are blessed with a voluptuous body. One-piece bathing suits the best for you. Wear a deep cut neck, which will show off your neckline and collar bones.  Pick a solid color over printed bathing suits.

Right Bikini For Your Body Shape


Heart Shaped

Strong and broad shoulders, full bust and lean hips – it’s a perfect Olympic body. Wear a halter neck or one-sided shoulder bikini bras. You don’t want to come out as a strong build lady. You can actually go crazy and experiment with different prints, which will act like an illusion.

Right Bikini For Your Body Shape


Athletic Shaped

You are blessed with a flat stomach, narrow shoulder and hip. Follow the rule less is more. You can wear almost every kind of bathing suit and pull it off right. Frill on your hips and bust will accentuate your curves and cleavage.

Right Bikini For Your Body Shape









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