#ChangeTheRhyme of Beauty with Dove and Blush

#ChangeTheRhyme of Beauty with Dove and Blush

“Chubby cheeks, dimpled chin,

Rosy lips, teeth within.”

How many of us have grown up listening and learning this nursery rhyme? Almost all. However, now when we hear it, we get how shallow is the meaning that this seemingly innocent poem depicts.

No matter how the products are, Dove as a brand has been known to challenge beauty standards every now and then, with its path-breaking commercials. Be it the one where beauty is in its diverse forms, was presented before us, or when the simple father-daughter moments had our eyes stinging and hands itching to call our papas, Dove knows right when to pull the emotional strings.


And yet another ad has come our way, where “Chubby cheeks” forms a power anthem as athletes break every single line with their determination. They fall, the anthem picks up pace, and as you watch, they rise. Channel Blush, and Dove come together, to #ChangeTheRhyme.

No, they do not have curly hair. No, they are not fair. No, they have crooked teeth.

Yes, they are beautiful.

Take a look at the ad here.


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