What is Draping Makeup Technique – Know all about it!

What is Draping Makeup Technique – Know all about it!

New and new makeup techniques tend to come up everyday and women just tend to get crazy over them. Makeup draping is one such trending technique which is making its presence feel in the makeup world. Now it’s time to move from contouring and learn everything about making draping. Here in this post I would list down all the important factors that you need to know about what is Draping Makeup Technique.


What actually is draping makeup?

What is Draping Makeup Technique

Draping is also a type of contouring but using minimal products as compared to mainstream contouring. Here you use different shades of blush to give your face a soft sculpted glow. It actually highlights the natural drape of your face and thus the name draping.



Who popularized it?

Draping makeup is a technique of 60’s and 70’s and was popularized by Way Bandy. He was a celebrity makeup artist and laid emphasis on natural-looking technique. In the present times, Marc Jacobs has taken the onus of of popularizing draping and give due credits to Bandy. He is all set to launch a new blush palette,Air Blush Soft Glow Duo, a set of two complimentary blush apt for draping.


Which shades of blush are required for draping?

What is Draping Makeup Technique

A lighter and a darker shade of blush is required. Make sure that both the shades belong to same color and undertone family and compliment each other well. All we need is two toned blushers in one palette. A palette like Air Blush Soft Glow Duo by Marc Jacobs is perfect for draping but you still can use existing blushes from your makeup stash.


How is draping done?

What is Draping Makeup Technique

Apply a darker shade of blush on your cheekbones using an angled brush. Use a flat brush to apply the lighter blush to blend and clean any harsh lines. The cardinal rule of draping remains the same, blend, blend and blend. 


How is draping different from contouring?

Unlike contouring, draping gives you a more natural and soft look. You do not need any dark contouring products to master the art of draping. Draping enhances your natural features and makes you look young. Draping aims at giving you a natural look rather than the tanned look of contouring.


We are sure that makeup freak gals will update their routine makeup looks with this new draping makeup technique. Let us know your vote on this latest trend in the comment box.


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