5 Unbelievable Beauty Benefits of Castor Oil Which You Didn’t Knew

5 Unbelievable Beauty Benefits of Castor Oil Which You Didn’t Knew

As a child, we remember our grandparents using castor oil for massaging their skin. We know how unpleasant the oil smells. But now when we have so many informative sources around us, we realize what a magical concoction is castor oil. It can be taken orally and can be applied externally to get the best out of it. The proteins, anti-fungal, anti-microbial ingredients of the oil can cure almost anything that bothers you.

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Though we discern how bad it is when it comes to taste. So here are some unbelievable beauty benefits of castor oil that can be derived without having to taste it.

1. Oil cleansing and Removing makeup

Oil cleansing method has been lately introduced in the beauty fads. This method of cleansing removes makeup and cleanse up pores deeply. You can use castor oil for oil cleansing your face. Add any lighter oil like jojoba oil and massage it on your face thoroughly. The fatty acids of the castor oil get rid of the debris on your skin which would otherwise cause acne and blackheads. After massaging your face, soak a towel in some lukewarm water, wriggle it and spread it on your face.

2. Goodbye Stretch Marks!

Unbelievable Beauty Benefits of Castor Oil

If you want to get rid of those ugly stretch marks on your stomach and thighs, then massage some castor oil over them. Wrap around a thick cloth or a plastic wrap. Though this remedy will take time, but if you do this daily you’ll get much long-term benefits. So go and grab your bottle of castor oil to get rid of those stretch marks.

3. Fade Away Acne Scars

Unbelievable Beauty Benefits of Castor Oil

The worst part about acne is that they never really leave you alone. If such scars never let you forget about your acne woes, then try castor oil. Castor oil penetrates deep into your skin and eliminates the scar tissues. This trick will though work a bit slowly, but this is the most effective way to get rid of acne scars permanently.

4. Wrinkles and Fine Lines

Unbelievable Beauty Benefits of Castor Oil

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Castor oil boosts up the production of collagen and elastin. Both of these fibers are responsible for retaining the elasticity and suppleness in our skin. Castor oil is an inexpensive substitute to the costly Botox injections. Apply it on your cleansed face before going to the bed. Leave it overnight and wash your face in the morning.

5. Soothes Eyes

Due to lack of sleep or hectic work schedule, our eyes sometimes look tired and dull. Petroleum jelly hack has already gained a lot of momentum in the past few years. Castor oil is the new addition to it. Rub some castor oil around your eyes before going to the bed. Your eyes will look brighter and fresher the next morning. You can even apply it over your eyelashes. It boosts the eyelashes growth.


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