Ditch the Bun! Try These 5 Trendy French Braid Hairstyles On Your Wedding

Ditch the Bun! Try These 5 Trendy French Braid Hairstyles On Your Wedding

Waterfall braid, rope braid, mermaid braid and what not. The fashion world is full of so many diverse hairstyles. Then why to stick to the same old bun for your wedding? We all know how Indian weddings are, packed with multiples of ceremonies, which begins with 15 days full of fun, masti and rituals.. Why not don a new avatar for each ceremony? Here are few French braid hairstyles ideas you can show your hair stylists. Try the new look and become a trendy offbeat bride!

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1. Dutch Braid or Inverted French Braid

Trendy French Braid Hairstyles On Your Wedding

By saying inverted French braid here, we mean inside out French braid. You have to braid your hair just like you braid the normal braid. But when you start braiding, intersect the sections of your hair underneath each other instead of putting it above each other. Check step by step tutorial here

2. Fishtail Braid

Trendy French Braid Hairstyles On Your Wedding

This braid is much in vogue these days, and it is not going to go out of trend anytime soon. For this, you have to first section your hair into two. Hold both the sections securely in each hand separated by your index finger. Use the rest of your fingers to draw out a small part of hair from the outer
side of one segment. Pull that strand over the other half. Then similarly,take a section of hair from the outside of the other segment and braid the in a reverse manner. Keep interweaving till you reach the ends. Secure it with a clear rubber band. Check step by step tutorial here


3. Dual Texture Braid

Trendy French Braid Hairstyles On Your Wedding

You need to style your hair with curls for a fuller look. Make a parting on your right and then put all your hair to the left shoulder. Begin like you makes your regular French braid. Pull a strand right from your hairline every time you twist a braid over your ear. Pin it on so that it doesn’t unravel. Now come to the right temple and braid the remaining hair till it reaches the first braid. Now make a fishtail braid with the hair where the two braids cross. Secure it with an elastic. Check step by step tutorial here


4. Halo Braid

Make a parting from the centre. Now start from the nape of your neck and braid an inverted French braid bordering your hairline. Follow your hairline around your head until you’ve braided all of your hair. Tuck the ends inside. Check step by step tutorial here

Halo Braid


5. Waterfall Braid

 Trendy French Braid Hairstyles On Your Wedding

Make a centre part and start braiding from the right side of your part towards your temple. Hold the three sections of your hair but drop the outermost section every time you braid. Leave the right section if you’re braiding the right side. And the left section if you’re braiding the left side. This will create a waterfall effect. Decorate these french braid hairstyles with some chic hair accessories. You can use the hairspray to make your braids stay in place. Check step by step tutorial here

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