7 Tips to Make Your Hair Color Last Longer!

7 Tips to Make Your Hair Color Last Longer!

The idea of coloring your hair seems to be the easiest way of getting a mini makeover. Hair color, whether done at home or at a salon, can be a bit expensive. We need to take some precautions to make our hair color long last not just after getting hair color but before too. Here is a list of 7 such tips which would definitely help you.


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1. Use a clarifying shampoo before hair coloring

Hair Color Last Longer

A clarifying shampoo prepares your hair for the coloring session. Using it a day or two before helps to get rid of all the product up and makes your hair color stick on to the strands. Do not wash your hair on the day of coloring as it would disturb the natural oil balance of your hair.


2. Opt for deep conditioning a week before

Use a good deep conditioning mask a week before you go for hair coloring. The extra moisture makes sure that the color sticks on your hair properly and prevents fading and discoloration. It would also make sure that your hair is not much damaged by all the chemicals in the hair color.


3. Say no to hot water

Use cold water for washing and conditioning your hair. Hot water strips your hair of all the moisture and in turn leads to discoloration and fading of hair color.


4. Use hair products meant for colored hair

Hair Color Last Longer

Do not use ordinary shampoos and other products. Consult your stylist and use the products that he recommends for your colored hair. This way your hair color would last longer and also not fade away easily.


5. Prevent use of styling tools

Just like hot water, styling tools also make your hair loose moisture. Try not using styling tools at all. In case the need arises to use a styling tool, use a good heat protectant before it.

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6. Make hair SPF your best friend

Hair Color Last Longer

While going out in the sun or swimming, use a good hair SPF so that the sunlight does not make your hair dry and moisture-ripped. Use a hat or scarf in addition to the SPF for better protection against sun. When going for a swim use a swimming cap so that your hair doesn’t get in contact with chlorine which dries out your hair.




7. Stay away from homemade hair masks

Homemade or DIY masks seem to be a good option when you want healthy hair but once your hair is colored stay away from them. When you rinse the mask away, it also rinses away the hair color with it and decrease the staying power of your hair color. Normal conditioning using a color protection conditioner is your safest bet.


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