#SonamGuptaBewafaHai Memes That Will Make You ROFL in The Long ATM Queues

#SonamGuptaBewafaHai Memes That Will Make You ROFL in The Long ATM Queues

For the past few days, you must have seen one name trending, amongst the demonetization woes and long lines of ATMs. The name is Sonam Gupta, and she is trending because one of the notes had a statement written ‘#SonamGuptaBewafaHai’. In the viral times, this few year old 10-rupee-note instantly became viral, and some of the social media posts had us ROFLing in no time.

We know these are sad times, the ATM queues are long, the tempers are short, Donald Trump is the new president, the world is pretty much screwed up. But, never mind, let these hilarious tweets bring some respite on your screens, and a smile on your lips.

Ready? Let’s go.

So this was the original picture of the note.

(part 1/3)The original! #sonamguptabewafahai #bewafa #hoesaintloyal

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And here go some of the choicest and funniest memes.

When even Shah Rukh Khan acknowledged, “I love you, Ssssss….sonam”

Because for Kejriwal, Modi is the root of all trouble

Uh, oh! ‘Titanic’ fantasies ruined forever

Because national matters aside, this is an important mystery


Even NASA has spotted the eternally embedded fact

Poor Salman Khan

Daya, pata lagao majra kya hai

Ravindra Jedeja wanted us to vote who is more #Bewafa


And ATM’s

Isn’t internet an absolute gem of a place? Dear lord, these tears of laughter.


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