Sonam Kapoor’s Husband Changes His Name To Anand S Ahuja; S means Sonam?

Sonam Kapoor’s Husband Changes His Name To Anand S Ahuja; S means Sonam?

Getting married to Delhi based businessman Anand Ahuja has brought a major change in Sonam Kapoor Ahuja’s life. For a start the actress has added Anand’s last name to her name. Within hours of getting married Sonam Kapoor changed her name on Instagram from ‘Sonam Kapoor’ to ‘Sonam Kapoor Ahuja’. Announcing her sister’s nuptial, Rhea Kapoor too addressed Sonam with Anand’s last name.This has not sit well with many as apparently this does not reflect Sonam’s feminist qualities. Due to this the actress has been dragged through murky waters of controversy. However, did you notice her husband has been right beside her?

Weeks after getting married it has come to light that along with Sonam, Anand too, has changed his name. On Instagram, the businessman has added a ‘S’ to his name and now it reads as ‘Anand S Ahuja’. We presume that the ‘S’ stands for ‘Sonam’.

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Throughout the uproar Sonam has maintained a very nonchalant attitude. In a recent interview with the Indian Express, the actress stated, “I have always said that I am a feminist. I have the choice to change my name to what I want to. Kapoor is also my father’s name. So, it is a man’s name anyway. I chose to keep both. Anand has also changed his name but nobody wrote about that. I just decided to do it on social media because that’s my platform to say that I have made a choice. It is my personal choice. Nobody put a gun to my head. You should ask him (Anand). He has also changed his name and decided to add something as well.”

Looks like adding to her name was the only major change that has happened in Sonam’s life recently and has not affected her sassiness in any manner whatsoever. In the meanwhile, Sonam has returned from the Cannes Film Festival where she impressed everyone like a true fashionista and now is preparing for her upcoming movie’s release— ‘Veere Di Wedding’.


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