Shah Rukh Khan’s Co-star Mahira Khan Expressed Her Anger On Being Sidelined For Raees Promotions!

Shah Rukh Khan’s Co-star Mahira Khan Expressed Her Anger On Being Sidelined For Raees Promotions!

Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan is leaving no stone unturned for the promotions of his upcoming film, ‘Raees’. The actor recently visited Dubai for the promotions and as he arrived back to Mumbai, he left for Delhi city tour for another promotional day just two days before the release. While the makers are quite happy with the hype and huge response, Pakistani actress Mahira Khan, who is making her Bollywood debut with Raees has expressed her disappointment.

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Well, when the relations between India and Pakistan took a turn for the worse, a ban was imposed on Pakistani actors from working India. The stars from the neighboring country are strictly not allowed to work in the industry. Mahira, who is not able to promote the film in India, is quite upset and has said that it is unfair that she could not participate in interviews beside Shah Rukh Khan.

Mahira recently spoke to English daily and spoke her mind out at being left out of the promotions in India. “Yes I’m grateful, but it’s something I have worked for! Why shouldn’t I feel it? Just because I’m an actor? Just because it’s a film? Just because it seems like fluff? I also want to promote the film. I also want to be in an interview with Shah Rukh Khan talking about it. Why not? Why is it I get told that that’s asking for too much? It isn’t! It is my right. This was also my film,” she said.

“We’ve had amazing conversations. It’s so much fun to talk to someone who’s intelligent. It’s not just about films, he can talk about anything! He was watching [Netflix TV series] Narcos while we were shooting, he can talk about books and history. Of course, I’ve always been a fan. But if you watch his interviews, you can tell he’s witty, smart. It was a pleasure working with someone you can have a conversation with. I think he’s hilarious, sometimes at my expense,” Mahira Khan added.

Meanwhile, the actress is in Dubai and is promoting the film via print and radio interviews without her co-star Shah Rukh Khan.

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