Priyanka to Deepika, Bollywood Celebrities Mercilessly Trolled On Social Media In 2017!

Priyanka to Deepika, Bollywood Celebrities Mercilessly Trolled On Social Media In 2017!

Bollywood celebrities are often in the limelight and they are the ones who get trolled on social media every now and then. Being a celebrity is not easy as there are many negative sides to it. As we all know every move you make is under the radar on Twitter. So here are Bollywood celebrities who got rigorously trolled on social media in 2017.

Take a look at celebrities who were trolled mercilessly by the users on social media in 2017:

Deepika Padukone: Deepika Padukone is one of the successful actresses in Bollywood, who has also earned name globally. This year, Deepika posted a sizzling hot picture from one of her photo-shoots. As soon as the photo appeared on her Instagram, people started teaching her lessons on ‘sanskar’. Only proves how we Indian judge people with their attire.

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Fatima Sana Shaikh:  The ‘Dangal’ actress Fatima Sana Shaikh posted a picture of her donning a black swimsuit during the holy month of Ramadan. However, in no time she was trolled mercilessly. People started abusing her for disrespecting God and their religion. He bikini picture turned out to be the biggest controversial pictures of the year.


Priyanka Chopra:  Priyanka is the most trolled actress of Bollywood this year. There was lot of unnecessary trolling involved. On 15th of August the actress posted a Boomerang video of herself wearing a tricolor scarf. She got trolled for disrespecting tricolor. Like seriously? There were many who asked her to never come to India.

Independence Day #Vibes ??#MyHeartBelongsToIndia #happyindependencedayindia #jaihind

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PeeCee posted a selfie of her and soon there were comments about another lip job. Her this picture sparked surgery rumours.

Summer lovin… ????? #carfiesunday

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Here’s another one when she met PM Narendra Modi during his visit to Berlin. PeeCee wearing short dress and showing her legs to PM Modi during their meet became one of the controversial topics of the year. She was judged for wearing a short dress to meet PM of India and disrespecting Indian culture.

Lover her or not, Priyanka Chopra really is the inspirational woman to many.


A R Rahman: AR Rahman expressed his opinion at a concert on the murder of Bengaluru based journalist Gauri Lankesh. At the premiere of his film, ‘One Heart: The AR Rahman Concert Film’, he said,  “If these things happen in India, then it is not my India. I want my India to be progressive and kind.”

Rahman was trolled right, left and center on social media for his this answer. He was asked to go to Pakistan.


Taapsee Pannu: The ‘PINK’ actress was trolled for posting a picture from her Judwaa film on Twitter. The picture saw her wearing a bikini at the beach. While she received lots of compliments from fans, there were some trolls as well.


Rishi Kapoor: Troll is a synonym to Rishi Kapoor. He is no stranger to stirring up controversies by speaking his mind out on sensitive topics. This year he stepped into new controversy and was trolled for agreeing with Farooq Abdullah’s opinion that Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK) belongs to Pakistan.

In simple terms, Dr. Abdullah said PoK belonged to Pakistan. “I tell them in plain terms – not only to Indians but also to the world – that PoK belongs to Pakistan and this side to India. This won’t change. Let them fight how many wars they want to. This won’t change,”

After Abdullah’s statement reached the news, Rishi Kapoor in a midnight tweet wrote:


Ranveer Singh:  Ranveer Singh, the very cool actor of Bollywood is too away from controversies. Unfortunately, his picture caption received a lot of hate. Without knowing the true meaning of the caption, the actor was trolled horribly. He shared the picture on social media and captioned it as, “Losing my religion.” But the truth is “Losing My Religion” is an iconic song by American rock-band REM.


Twinkle Khanna:  Twinkle Khanna is no new to trolls. This year she was trolled for a picture of her from a photo shoot. The picture saw her sitting on a pile of books in a floral satin night suit but Twitter was definitely not happy. She was trolled for disrespecting books by sitting on it. Trollers called this as a shameless act.

Here’s the picture that she recently posted on Twitter:


Sonam Kapoor:  The start of the year 2017 was quite a dull as Sonam Kapoor did something good but turned out to be controversial on social media. Sonam Kapoor has been trolled on social media over her comment on the national anthem. The actress was trolled for her opinion article in Hindustan Times’ campaign, ‘Let’s Talk About Trolls’, an awareness of online abuse and bullying.

A quote from Kapoor’s piece was shared online that read, “I love my country but for some of you — and you’re the bigots, not me — I become ‘anti-national’ only because I ask questions or choose to be critical. Listen to the national anthem…recall the line you heard as kids, ‘Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Issai…”.

In no time she became a target. Even without reading out the whole article, people jumped to the conclusion. Sonam Kapoor was reminded that the words ‘Hindu, Muslim and Sikh’ do not appear in the national song. Reacting to the trolls, Sonam Kapoor took to Twitter and wrote, “Thank you so much Twitter for the amazing response to my article and also to the #trolls who proved my point by the way they responded .”


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