Is Sussanne Khan Responsible For Arjun Rampal-Mehr Jesia’s Split? Read Details Here

Is Sussanne Khan Responsible For Arjun Rampal-Mehr Jesia’s Split? Read Details Here

Bollywood couple Arjun Rampal and Mehr Jesia ended their 20 years of marriage and announced mutual separation.

The wedding wave in Bollywood has come to a screeching halt as the first major break up of the year has made itself known. Actor Arjun Rampal shocked everyone into silence when he announced that he and his wife of 20-years, MehrJesiahave separated due to incorrigible differences.

The news of rifts between the Bollywood couple was always a common knowledge. In fact, one could notice grapes going sour as early as 2011.

The situation became uglier when Arjun and Mehr’s close friends— Hrithik Roshan and Sussanne Khan parted ways. Reports of Hrithik being unfaithful to his wife along with rumours of Sussanne’s closeness with Arjun were nails in the coffin of that relationship.

Actor Arjun Rampal – Mehr Jesia Announce Separation, After 20 Years Of Marriage

Reportedly, Arjun and Mehr came to the conclusion of their two-decade-old relationship about six months ago. The couple tried to give their marriage a second chance around three years ago but clearly that did not work out.

In 2015 Mehr briefly moved in with her mother in Dadar’s Parsi Colony. Soon after the couple reconciled and started making red carpet appearances as if nothing was amiss between them. Though-things went haywire again.

The couple was threatened by their neighbours that they would file a police complaint unless the noise of fighting and throwing things in the apartment ceased. Supposedly Arjun walked out of their home after a particularly nasty argument.The actor was living in a five-star apartment service for about a week before returning home. It was reported that last year Mehr had a break down in Bandra’s Mount Mary Church and had to be escorted home by a friend.

It is believed that Sussanne Khan is partly responsible for Arjun Rampal and Mehr Jesia’s split. Time and again Arjun and Sussanne’s friendship has been questioned. First when Sussanne parted ways with her husband and then again when the reports of her getting close with Arjun started making rounds.

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Arjun and Sussanne defended their friendship by issuing statements but the rumours refused to die down.

Mehr and Sussanne had an ugly showdown at Fardeen Khan’s party last year. It is reported that the star wives exchanged angry words that resulted in a seething Mehr walking out of the party. After this incident Mehrwas traumatized when she learnt that her husband and estranged friend have been meeting in secret. Apparently, Arjun had assured Mehr that he was a changed man and his past is behind him.By the looks of it, Sussanne Khan was responsible for Arjun Rampal and MehrJesia’s split, no?

After parting way six months ago, since the last four months Arjun has living separately in a rented apartment. The reason of not announcing their split earlier were their daughter—Mahikaa, 16 and Myra 13.


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