#DearZindagiTake3 is the Sweet and Sour Cocktail of Love and Breakup

#DearZindagiTake3 is the Sweet and Sour Cocktail of Love and Breakup

We all have fallen in love, and fallen out of it too, for many times we term our infatuations as love, and later on nurse the wounds of our hearts. The third teaser of Alia Bhatt and Shah Rukh Khan’s ‘Dear Zindagi’ is exactly that, in a beautiful way charting out the sweet pangs of first crush.

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As Alia goes into a full sing song mode as she falls for the singer of the band the concert of which she went to, we too relate to it. Kunal Kapoor is charming with the man bun as Alia’s love interest. Shah Rukh Khan is as usual charming as the mentor. We also get a glimpse of Angad Bedi who played the antagonist with brilliance in recently released ‘PINK’.

alia bhatt and srk in #dearzindagitake3

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But the lady of the teaser, Alia steals the show as we see her heartbroken side too, albeit with considerable doses of anger, for we do not have a soppy drama queen here. We have Alia as a heroine who we can relate with, as she gets sick of all the couples after going through the sweet and sour path of love and breakups.

Take a look at the super cute teaser here.

We can’t wait for the fourth and final teaser to come out, and for the movie on November 25th, which also stars Ali Zafar and Aditya Roy Kapur.


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