Bridal: Pre-Wedding Detox!

Bridal: Pre-Wedding Detox!


Every bride wants to look their best and flawless on their big day. A lot of them follow a strict diet or intense workout which in turn ruins the natural beauty of the bride to be. This only stresses them and makes them more tired. So what different is detox?



Well this will start at least three months in advance the main motive is to cleanse your body without stressing your body.



Read on to detox…



Goodbye Junk Food





Detox right! It’s time to forget all the fizzy drinks, sugary loaded cream treats and fried crispy delights. These foods are heavy to digest and bloat your stomach. It also causes breakouts, which is something you don’t want. Try to omit heavy intake of caffeine as it causes irregular sleep pattern. Also leave those hard drinks; it reflects badly on skin and digestion.


Eat detox foods


Eating the right kind of food is really the trick to detox, and help cleanse faster.





Green vegetable


Leafy vegetables are high souse of anti-oxidants and fibre. Fibre helps to get rid of toxins and also improves the digestive system. You could eat them raw as salad.




They are loaded with the goodness of vitamins, minerals, fibre, anti-oxidants and many viral nutrients. Add a bowl of fruits in your daily meal.


Whole grains


Whole wheat is a great source of fibre and nutrients; it helps to keep your system clean. Avoid refined flour products like pasta, cake, bread, pizza etc.




When life gives you lemon, make lemonade! Well said, lemon is a known source to detox and cleanse your body. A glass of lukewarm water with honey and lemon is you new wakeup drink!




Stay hydrated






The basic technique to detox that we have been hearing is hydration. But we need to choose carefully how we are keeping our body hydrated.


Here are a few things to keep in mind:



Choose water over fizzy/aerated drink.


Avoid alcohol and caffeinated drinks like coffee, tea and energy drinks.


Replace your daily caffeine with green tea, loaded with immunity booster and anti-oxidants.


Craving for fizzy drink, replace it with raw fruit or vegetable juices without added sugar.


Don’t indulge in processed or canned juices, they claim to be natural but are loaded with sugar and preservatives.



Mental detox







Along with the body cleanse you need to also cleanse your mind. If your mind is stressed it will show on your face. Practice meditation or yoga daily for at least 30 mins daily. This will make you active and give you a glowing skin.




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