Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie Divorce Battle: Angelina May Lose Her Children Due To Abusive Behaviour

Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie Divorce Battle: Angelina May Lose Her Children Due To Abusive Behaviour

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie‘ divorce battle is taking an ugly turn and it can cost Angelina to lose the custody of her six children.

Many of us lost trust in love when Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt announced that they were getting divorced back in 2016. It was extremely sad to watch the humanitarian ex-couple get involved in a fight for splitting their fortune, properties and the custody of their six children. While their divorce and custody battle has been pretty silent, news portals were given a shock when Angelina Jolie filed a complaint stating that her estranged husband Brad Pitt has not been paying ‘any meaningful’ child support. But did you know that Angelina’s this move can cost her the custody of her children?(Trending: Is Angelina Jolie Dating A Real Estate Agent After Brad Pitt Split? Here Is The Truth)

As per an exclusive report in HollywoodLife, California family law attorney David Pisarra states that Angelina Jolie can lose the custody of her children due to the substantial amount of money in play.

When Angelina filed the complaint regarding not receiving any substantial child support for her six children—in retaliation Brad Pitt came forward and stated that he has given over USD 9 million to the actress. The ‘Fight Club’ actor further revealed that he had given his estranged wife a sum of USD 8 million to help her buy her current home in England, in addition to USD 1.8 million to support her and their children.

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However, Angelina Jolie’s lawyer had another story to tell. Reportedly, the sum of over USD 9 million was loan and not child support.

Shedding light on the situation, David Pisarra explained, “The statement that Brad has paid ‘no meaningful support’ is a very carefully word-smithed phrase designed to impugn his character in a way that is legal.”

The attorney further said, “For most people that means a support award of a few hundred or maybe thousands of dollars. In this case, if she thinks she deserves a million dollars a month, and he’s only paying $500,000, then she can claim that it’s not meaningful.”

Californian attorney stated that Angelina’s move to make Brad Pitt look bad can backfire on her. “Brad says he’s paid over $9 million which is a lot of money for anyone, even a major A list celebrity like Angelina, to support six children. Even with the support staff and security expenses, and travel costs she’s incurred, that’s a lot of after tax money to be paying for six children.”

Getting to the core of the conversation, David Pisarra concluded by saying, “This [could be] part of a long-term plan to make Brad look bad, and get her sole custody. I wouldn’t be surprised if it backfires on her, as more and more judges are starting to see through these tactics quicker.”

This is not all, as per previous reports Angelina Jolie did not allow Brad Pitt to spend time with their six children. This too can back fire on Angelina.

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If the actress is intentionally interfering in Brad’s relationship with their children that can be called being abusive. The attorney further explained that if the actress is bad mouthing Brad to their children, preventing visitations, or in any way is responsible for creating a rift between the father and his children— that can be labelled as abuse.

As per David Pisarra,“A judge may deem Angie’s behaviour and actions abusive and in turn grant Brad custody or make some other judgement in Brad’s favor.”

While Brad has made it known that he is looking forward to sharing the custody of their children with his estranged wife looks like he might be getting their sole custody after all.


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