Australian Newspaper Slammed For Printing Racist Cartoon Of Serena Williams Big Boobs and Nose

Australian Newspaper Slammed For Printing Racist Cartoon Of Serena Williams Big Boobs and Nose

Serena Williams made to headlines for her latest outburst at US Open Women’s final and was fined $17,000.

After all the drama Serena Williams did at the US Open Women’s final and called umpire Carlos Ramos a “thief” and stealing thunder from the first time Japanese winner Naomi Osaka, she is still in headlines as newspaper is not giving up anytime soon.

Serena Williams Should Be Ashamed Of Stealing Japanese Winner Naomi Osaka’s Thunder And Calling Umpire Carlos Ramos A ‘Thief’

Australia based newspaper Herald Sun have been drawing heat after a cartoonist stirred racist wheel, knowingly or unknowingly! This is not at a cool thing. 

Editorial cartoonist Mark Knight of the Australian newspaper the Herald Sun felt so good when his cartoon was published in newspaper, knowing very little that it will receive flake from J.K. Rowling and other celebrities for his racist drawing. Mark Knight posted it on his Twitter account early Monday morning.

He drew the greatest athletes of all time, Serena Williams like a monster hulk baby with big lips, boobs and nose. Not just that, there is pacifier seen on the ground where Serena is seen stamping on her racquet. 

The racist cartoon depicting Serena Williams doesn’t stop here. There is also Japanese-Haitian based Naomi Osaka in the cartoon, who beat Williams on Saturday. She is depicted in a good human posture with busty look, engaged talking with umpire(Carlos Ramos) who is asking Naomi “Can’t you just let her win?” This clearly implies that umpire is intending to say that Serena is angry  mumma so let her win OR he is saying Naomi let Serena win though she doen’t deserve it. 

The cartoonist and the newspaper is receiving heat from athletes and celebs on twitter for being racist and sexist.

Australia just earned themselves a best spot for being racist, as another racist cartoon of Serena Williams from Paul Zanetti, Australia is surfacing on twitter.

This cartoonist combined Nike’s controversy ad featuring Colin Kaepernick with Serena William holding a sign board and trying to win the match playing racist and and sexist card. It clearly means that Serena Williams is trying to make a PR move and Nike is approaching her for Nike’s brand image. 

Absolutely not a good move. Till now, not a cartoonist nor a newspaper have taken down Serene William’s racist cartoon.


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