Sunil Grover Hurls A Shoe Back At Kapil Sharma With This Picture!

Sunil Grover Hurls A Shoe Back At Kapil Sharma With This Picture!

Kapil Sharma and Sunil Grover’s life has surely taken a drastic turn from their normal life after their mid-air feud. To people who have come in late, their fight involved an allegedly drunk Sharma hurling a shoe at Grover while on a flight from Melbourne to India. Well, it’s been quite a few weeks since Kapil Sharma allegedly abused and misbehaved with Sunil Grover, however, the comedians are yet not done with their fight.(READShocking Details: Kapil Sharma Slapped and Hit Sunil Grover With a Shoe on Flight)

Sunil Grover has now taken a dig at Sharma hurling a shoe at him during their fight. Kapil had reportedly treated Sunil very badly during their flight and it seems, Sunil Grover has now hit back to the comedian star like a boss.

Sunil Grover shared a picture of him that sees his legs crossed, shoe in focus and captioned it as, “Shoe Size US 10”

Shoe Size US 10

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Now with Sunil Grover posting a picture that shows his shoes and size number, is he trying to say something to Kapil Sharma with this?

Meanwhile, reports are doing rounds that Sunil Grover has apparently locked a deal with Sony TV for a new show. The comedian recently had a meeting behind the doors with the Sony TV officials to start a new show with new artistes. However, there is no official confirmation regarding the same.

Coming back to Sunil’s Instagram post, his shoe size will always be remembered by Kapil Sharma as well to all the haters.

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