Simran Movie Writer Apurva Asrani Lashed Out At Kangana Ranaut And Exposed Her LIES

Simran Movie Writer Apurva Asrani Lashed Out At Kangana Ranaut And Exposed Her LIES

Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut has once again found herself in the middle of a new controversy and this time, the actress has been exposed publicly.  The recent poster of her upcoming film Simran has credited Kangana Ranaut as the ‘additional story and dialogue writer’. This has not gone well with the film’s writer Apurva Asrani and he has hit back at Kangana and the film’s director Hansal Mehta in a long Facebook post.

A National Award winning filmmaker, film editor, and screenwriter, Apurva Asrani in a long post has revealed that how Kangana Ranaut has taken away his hard earned credits from Hansal Mehta’s upcoming film Simran. He took to Facebook and everywhere on social media to “call out Kangana’s lie”. It’s han insult at highly acclaimed writer as Kangana’s credit features before Apurva’s in the poster.

In an elaborate Facebook post, he expressed his disappointment over how Kangana has been claiming in her interviews that Hansal Mehta approached her with a one-line dialogue of the film. He has also exposed a lie about Kangana saying everyone, that she converted Apurva’s gritty script into a light-hearted flick.

In the long post, Apurva has also mentioned that when he sat for the editing, he was shocked after seeing the exact story and screenplay that he had registered at the Film Writer’s Association, except for the improvisations that the actress had made in some dialogues.

Apurva ended the post by saying, “why Kangana would snatch the hard earned work of a writer.” Well, with this, it seems like Kangana Ranaut might create a problem between Hansal Mehta and Apurva Asrani. The two have a very good and old association, which might not be same anymore, courtesy Kangana Ranaut.

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