Salman Khan Takes A Jab At Priyanka Chopra For Leaving Bharat!

Salman Khan Takes A Jab At Priyanka Chopra For Leaving Bharat!

When ‘Bharat’ director Ali Abbas Zafar announced that Priyanka Chopra has walked out of the Salman Khan starrer— entire Bollywood and fans had mixed reactions. Everyone had something to say. While actors-actresses were supportive of Priyanka’s decision for leaving the multi-star cast project, fans felt betrayed. However, everyone was waiting for Salman Khan to react. After days of wait Salman Khan has finally broken his silence.

Whilst promoting and unveiling brother-in-law Aayush Sharma’s Bollywood debut film ‘Loverarti’ trailer Salman Khan spoke to the reporters regarding Priyanka’s abrupt exit from Ali Abbas Zafar directed film.

Priyanka Chopra – Nick Jonas Engaged; Priyanka Chopra Quits Salman Khan’s Bharat

Salman Khan narrated how Priyanka walked out of ‘Bharat’ mere 10 days before filming started, “She had come home and I told her, ‘Of course, no problem, if you don’t want to do it, don’t do it.’ But that time she gave us other reasons.”

Could these ‘other reasons’ be Priyanka Chopra’s rumoured engagement and upcoming wedding to American singer Nick Jonas?

When asked by the reporters if the actress’ upcoming wedding was one of the ‘other reasons’, Salman Khan replied with an ambiguous, “Maybe,”

Salman further explained his statement and said, “if you don’t want to do it, don’t do it. We were given different reasons back then. But whatever the reason may be, the wedding, the movie, or if she doesn’t want to work in an Indian movie, or doesn’t want to work with me, or work only in Hollywood film and TV, these are her reasons. We are really happy and supportive about her doing good work,” .”

Taking a jab, Salman concluded by stating, 

Salman concluded by stating, “I’m really happy for her. Had we got to know at the time that she had signed a big project there (Hollywood), we would have never stopped her. The only thing was that we got to know about it at the last moment.”

Salman Khan is not the only one who has pointed out international star Priyanka Chopra’s unprofessional work conduct.

Reel Life Productions’ CEO— Nikhil Namit told Midday that he is extremely upset with Priyanka Chopra. “Priyanka told us she had to exit due to her engagement, two days ago. It was a little unprofessional of her to do it so suddenly.”

In the meanwhile, Priyanka Chopra has been replaced by Salman Khan’s rumoured lady love Katrina Kaif in ‘Bharat’.


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