Priyanka Chopra Is Rumoured To Be Bridesmaid In Meghan Markle’s Wedding

Priyanka Chopra Is Rumoured To Be Bridesmaid In Meghan Markle’s Wedding

Meghan Markle and Priyanka Chopra became best friends before Meghan’s engagement with Prince Harry. 

Priyanka Chopra have not just successfully launched herself in Hollywood, but she also made few best friends over there. Meghan Markle is one among Priyanka’s BFF. 

We are all aware of the high profile wedding of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. As Meghan will walk down the aisle at Windsor Castle on May 19, the rumours are rife that Priyanka Chopra will be Meghan’s one of bridesmaid.

When Harper’s Bazaar magazine popped Priyanka with a question whether she will be a bridesmaid at Meghan Markle’s wedding with Prince Harry? She said, “If you see me there, you’ll know.” 

Priyanka Chopra haven’t really revealed if she is Meghan’s bridesmaid or not. But Quantico girl is really happy and excited to see Meghan Markle getting married with love of her life and referred Meghan as a perfect addition to the royal family.

Bollywood icon Priyanka Chopra said, “I don’t think anybody else would be able to do it the way she will. She’s just right for it,” Chopra — who has not yet met Harry — said. “She’s an icon, truly, that girls can look up to, that women can look up to. She’s normal, she’s sweet, she’s nice, she thinks about the world, wants to change it and this was even before any of this happened.”

Priyanka and Meghan have quite a similar take on topics such as gender equality and feminism, this makes them like minded friends. She quoted, “Being a part of the royal family is a big step in the direction of so many things – of women, of feminism, of diversity, of race, of the monarchy versus everyone else. It’s a beautiful step in the right direction.”

Priyanka and Meghan have been friends since years. Last Year, when Meghan and Prince Harry’s romance went public, Chopra had then shut Wendy Williams for referring Meghan as Prince Harry’s girlfriend. PeeCee said,  Meghan is not only a girlfriend of Prince Harry but actress too.  Priyanka knows how to protect a friend when it comes to. 

What do you think? Will their ‘Thick as Thieves’ friendship is an indication that Priyanka will be a bridesmaid at Meghan – Prince Harry’s wedding? Tell us in the comment box.


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