After Megan Markle Quits ‘Suits’, Prince Harry Takes Girlfriend Megan To Meet Queen. Is Wedding on Cards?

After Megan Markle Quits ‘Suits’, Prince Harry Takes Girlfriend Megan To Meet Queen. Is Wedding on Cards?

Prince Harry and American actress Megan Markle’s relationship does not need any introduction. The duo have been going strong with their relationship. Everyone is wondering when the couple would plunge to take their next move, i.e, engagement and wedding. Rumors are rife that Prince Harry may propose his lady love before Christmas.(Also Read: This One BIG Thing Standing In A Way Why Prince Harry Hasn’t Proposed ‘Suits’ Megan Markle Yet?)

The rumors of Prince Harry and Megan Markle’s engagement may turn out to be true as the actress have called it quits for Suits Season 8 series. Her character Rachel Zane has become a fan favourite. Megan Markle, who is at the peak of her career has reportedly sacrificed her career to fit into the royal family. She cannot perform two roles at the given time of being the actress and member of royal family. 

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Prince Harry and Megan Markle’s wedding cards are on high pitch after, Prince Harry took her 36-year old girlfriend Megan Markle to meet Queen Elizabeth over tea on Thursday. There are rumours that Megan quit her high riding career and may announce their royal engagement anytime soon. The meeting went on for an hour or so. There are reports that, Meghan Markle quit her highly successful role on Suits amid claims she will announce her engagement to Prince Harry before Christmas.

According to insiders, Queen Elizabeth have approve his grandson’s choice but there is one rock condition. Prince Harry may never get a chance to take over a throne as Megan Markle do not come from Royal noble background. To add on, she was previously married and then divorced. 


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