Kangana Ranaut Admits Being In A Relationship And To Get Married This Year!

Kangana Ranaut Admits Being In A Relationship And To Get Married This Year!

Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut had an emotional and a rollercoaster 2016 year after she hit the controversy with Hrithik Roshan. The actress had hit headlines after her alleged affair with Hrithik went public. The duo exchanged some nasty words and also dragged each other legally. However, things have cooled down between the two but nothing is stopping the actress from speaking her mind and heart out. Known for her honest and bold attitude, Kangana Ranaut never hesitates in addressing something she wants to.  Well, she has done it again!

It seems Kangana has found love again and has admitted to being in a relationship. In a recent interview, the Queen actress revealed that she believes in love and wants to marry this year.  In an interview with Bombay Times, Kangana allegedly told the daily, “Pure love exists. I am in such a relationship.”

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 She also added, “All my exes want to get back with me, that’s a record I hold.” 

We wonder who those exes she is referring to are. Any guesses? Nevertheless, it’s great to hear Kangana is in love again and it remains to see who the man of her life is. Earlier, many times, the actress had shared her wish to get married. Speaking on the same, Kangana said, “I want to get married this year and hopefully, it should happen.”

When asked if she believes in celebrating Valentine’s Day, she said, “When I was younger, it meant a lot more. Now I don’t think it holds as much significance; you don’t wait for a Valentine to propose to you. In our age group, it unfolds differently.”

The actress also told Hindustan Times,“Yes, it’s true. The kind of world we live in, the whole dating scene has become very upsetting. Everyone is looking above everyone’s shoulders in a bid to find a better ‘partner’. There has to be a commitment in a relationship. And dating is frivolous, no matter how intense it is, as there’s no real sense of commitment. So, I would want to go the serious way. That’s what I plan and I will do it this year. It’s very hard to be single, especially when your family doesn’t live with you. There’s no one watching your back and you really cannot rely on anyone.”

Meanwhile, on the professional front, Kangana is currently promoting her film Rangoon, which also stars Saif Ali Khan and Shahid Kapoor. The film releases on February 24.  


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