Canadian YouTuber Lilly Singh Comes Out Bisexual; We Cannot Be More Proud Of Her

Canadian YouTuber Lilly Singh Comes Out Bisexual; We Cannot Be More Proud Of Her

If you have been following Lilly Singh aka Superwoman through her YouTube journey, you know the girl is a powerhouse. After fighting depression, to successfully being one of the top Youtube stars and seeing herself make it to the Forbes ‘30 Under 30’ list she has done it all and emerged as a winner.

The girl has never shied away to come out talk us out of the unnecessary taboos and has been an example rather an inspiration to many little girls out there. She recently tweeted being a confident colored bisexual female. Each of the words was marked by green checked boxes. Here’s what she tweeted on Monday, 25th Feb:

The tweet received massive support from her fans, a lot boasting how proud they were of the Youtube star. With a flood of responses, Lilly felt overwhelmed and shot back a tweet the next day stating how overwhelmed she is by all the supportive tweets and put out her gratitude towards her fans.

With the tweet, Lilly explained how these three words that defines her had been major obstacles in her life which she now considers it as her superpowers. The girl has instilled and spread positivity time and again through her social media reach using platforms like Twitter, Facebook and major her Youtube channel.

Lilly Singh has over 14M subscribers on her Youtube channel with a reach across borders internationally. She is Youtube’s highest paid star with a revenue count of over $10.5 million as published by Forbes. She is definitely making a mark and living by her alias ‘Superwoman’.


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