Bigg Boss 12: Wildcard Entry Surbhi Rana Slams Khan Sisters And Dipika Kakar!

Bigg Boss 12: Wildcard Entry Surbhi Rana Slams Khan Sisters And Dipika Kakar!

While many fans were sad to see commoner Jodi Kriti Verma and Roshmi Banik getting evicted, they were not prepared to see god cop Nirmal Singh get evicted. However, Bigg Boss season 12’s first wildcard entry has entered the house to fill the void left by Kriti, Roshmi and Nirmal. Former MTV Roadies Extreme’s contestant Surbhi Rana has entered the BB house and is set on teaching the Khan sisters Sabha-Somi and Dipika Kakar a lesson!

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Not everyone is Going to understand you in this world. I express. I am human. Maybe I am louder than other but that's how I am. But I never provoked anybody like..@syedkhursheed_official did previously and @shrutisinhahaha and @minnie_rohilla did today. I get angry when people speak or do wrong to me,, is that's so wrong.. To speak for yourself?? I give my all to perform in the task but why I am getting all the blame for gang Neha. I wanna ask something to all the fans of @nishkarsharoraa that even he is not doing wonders, so instead of questioning him, why your all hate is coming to me. Today even @kritivermaofficial also took advantage of my expressing nature. Somewhere @kritivermaofficial was also happy that I was angry on @minnie_rohilla.. Instead of calming me down, she was provoking me more. She knew that I have capabilities to take revenge for her. And yes I have! And @shrutisinhahaha I don't need any boy to fight my battles. I don't need boys to pamper me and do things for me. I am the man myself. I handle my life myself because I believe in my existence as a strong women. @nehadhupia thanks for always supporting me. You always understood me and thanks for those heart to heart conversations. You are my favorite ever ❤️✌️ And to all the people who write hate comments.. Nothing like I can't revert to you guys but I just want your momma to be proud of you ❤️? @raftaarmusic @princenarula @nikhilchinapa @rannvijaysingha @mtvroadies @mtvindia @bigbosss.12 @colorstv @kashishthakur_official @syedkhursheed_official @kuntalpreeti @pavneet_bagga @viditsharma09 @rohanhingorani @geetikasood @mehakdeep_official @nishkarsharoraa @kritivermaofficial @sandysahaofficial @thesonujat @shubhadanishtala @abhishekdubey_official @sharansobhani @beingsalmankhan.. Like a pro bitches!

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Surbhi who was kept in the Bigg Boss Outhouse has been paired with Romil Chaudhary after Nirmal Singh’s exit from the house.

Before entering the house, Surbhi spoke to India Today and stated that creating unnecessary drama in the house is not needed. Talking about the Khan sisters from Jaipur Sabha-Somi, Surbhi said, “You need a valid point to fight. I don’t believe in creating unnecessary drama just for TRP. If you have a strong personality it comes out naturally. They are trying too hard and I believe that they do not have it in them. Fights dekhne ka maza tab hai jab valid reason ho, don’t you agree?”

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Further Surbhi stated that she believes that Khan sisters are being irritating than being entertaining on the show.

“One should fight for the right and it should not look like you are doing it for camera. They plan, strategies each and every move. They probably do not know that the viewers will come to know sooner or later that they are not showing their real side.”

While we can clearly see that Surbhi Rana has a bone to pick with the Khan sister, she has already started playing her game in the Bigg Boss house!

During the latest nomination task, Anup Jalota was the first one from the jodis to get ‘kidnapped’ by ‘captor’ Dipika Kakar Ibrahim. As a part of the task and her ransom, Dipika asked Jasleen Matharu to cut her long hair up to her shoulders and to sacrifice her make-up along with her clothes to save herself and Anup from the nominations.

While all the jodis were trying to convince Dipika to reduce her ‘ransom’, slyly wildcard Surbhi Rana commented that karma will bite Dipika for doing what she is doing in guise of a task.

This is not all, before entering the house when asked who she finds meanest in the house, Surbhi swiftly replied with Dipika and Romil’s names. She further stated that Dipika was heartless while performing the luxury budget task.

“Dipika took revenge, but according to me forgiveness is a big thing. But at the end of the say, everything is fair in love and war.”

It is evident that Surbhi has problems with Sabha Khan, Somi Khan and Dipika Kakar Ibrahim. Let us see what does Surbhi Rana do to entertain us in the Bigg Boss house!


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