Bigg Boss 11 Winner Shilpa Shinde: “I would definitely not like to meet Hina Khan”

Bigg Boss 11 Winner Shilpa Shinde: “I would definitely not like to meet Hina Khan”

Bigg Boss 11 Winner Shilpa Shinde’s Shocking Reaction On First Runner-Up Hina Khan!

It was a nail biting moment when Salman Khan held two finalists- Shilpa Shinde and Hina Khan’s hand to announce winner of Bigg Boss 11. The whole country sat in front of their television boxes only to know who has won the much-talked about reality show. With actor Hina Khan standing beside her as the first runner-up, Shilpa Shinde emerged as the winner of the show. Shilpa was quite confident about her win since day one of the show and it happened exactly the way she thought. Her huge fan base got her to top four and then as a winner as well.

“The audience who voted for me despite me singing such a tone-deaf song, I had complete faith in them. I did not think about defeat for a single moment. I had the confidence,” Shilpa said in an interview to India Forums after Bigg Boss finale.

TRENDING: Shilpa Shinde Is The Winner Of Bigg Boss 11 Finale, Hina Khan Becomes First Runner-Up 

Shilpa said in a video interview to, “It has been a big journey and a great one. It is still unbelievable. After what I have gone through, this is the perfect answer… I think the way I lived inside that house, the way relationships were made there, I had never imagined such changes in my life.”

She further added that how it was unbelievable when Salman Khan announced her name. “I had earlier thought maybe I will cry and spoil my makeup when I become the winner but at that moment I didn’t know what to do,” said Shilpa Shinde.

When asked what she has to say about Bigg Boss 11 first runner-up Hina Khan, Shilpa said she would not want to meet Hina ever again in her life. Further adding, “I would definitely not like to meet Hina Khan after the show. I have once told this on show as well. She behaved very indifferent towards me and always competed with me. She never missed a chance to instigate housemates against me. I have always seen her talking ill against me. Even when my mom came on the show she commented saying Shilpa didn’t even cry once. My question to her is what’s there to cry haven’t we all stayed away from our parents because of work. And nobody needs to pretend or show what feeling they share with their parents. Look at Hina she wanted to come out of the house with Rocky her boyfriend. I always joked with the housemates that why do they cry when they meet other’s parents or their family. One should be happy to see their family. I really felt very bad the way she commented. I don’t need to overact to show how much I love my mother.”

Shilpa, who spoke her heart and mind out also expressed about her bittersweet moments with Arshi Khan and Akash Dadlani. Shilpa told India Forums in her interview, “My major breakdown happened because of Akash Dadlani and Arshi Khan.”


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