Ariana Grande Says “Thank U, Next” To Her Trademark Ponytail, Goes Short Hair

Ariana Grande Says “Thank U, Next” To Her Trademark Ponytail, Goes Short Hair

Singstress Ariana Grande is totally living up to her now released popular single “thank u, next.” Ariana’s breakup song for the social-media age totally sums up all the feelings and emotions we go through when our heart is broken. 

Since past few months Ariana Grande had gone through a lot. In September Grande dealt the loss of her ex-boyfriend Mac Miller through drug dosage. In October she split with her fiance Pete Davidson, whom she was engaged only a month ago.(Also Read:Bishop Apologizes After Accused Of Groping Pop Singer Ariana Grande: Maybe I Crossed The Border)

Singer Ariana Grande And Pete Davidson Split; Reason Rapper Mac Miller’s Death

After delivering “thank u, next” single which topped no 1 position on Billboard Hot 100 chart and 100 million streams on spotify in 11 days, she is moving on with her new single life. Ariana’s next fresh take is towards her trademark tresses.

Ariana have chopped her so-famous long ponytail and flaunting her new shoulder length hair. The 25-year-old singstress posted a picture showing off a new haircut with a cute bunny filter on her face.

Ariana’s signature ponytail was popular on social media. The new look of Ariana Grande with shoulder length hair is clearly stating that singer is leaving her past behind and moving forward. Well, some are also thinking that new haircut of Ariana Grande is indicating a drop of new song. If this is true, we are going to have a mini heart-attack out of excitement. 

Clearly, only Ariana Grande can give us break-up song and break-up haircut. What you say?

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