Say Hello To Mrs. Bieber! Hailey Baldwin Changes Name to ‘Hailey Bieber’ On Instagram!

Say Hello To Mrs. Bieber! Hailey Baldwin Changes Name to ‘Hailey Bieber’ On Instagram!

“Hailey Baldwin changes name to ‘Hailey Bieber‘ on social media”

Do we still need the proof that Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin are married for real!? Singer Justin Bieber and model Hailey Baldwin are revealing their relationship status in a very cryptic way, leaving us in splits of confusion. 

21-year-old model Hailey Baldwin have proudly embraced the last name of singer Justin Bieber. Meet Mrs. Bieber, as “Hailey Baldwin” is “Hailey  Bieber” on Instagram. Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber got engaged in July in Bahamas.

In September, the couple sparked marriage rumours after being spotted at the marriage registrar’s office in New York. “Justin and Hailey were telling people they weren’t married when they were,” the source continued, adding there are still plans for a wedding ceremony outside of the courthouse.

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The couple never addressed the rumours of their wedding until Hailey Baldwin changed her name to Hailey Bieber. It now appears as “Hailey Rhode Bieber.”

Past month Hailey Baldwin filed to register “Hailey Bieber” trademark for clothing line. 

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Justin posted these intimate pictures earlier this week.

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My little bean

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Hunny buns punkin

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So yeah, I’d say Justin and Hailey are married couple now and may be they will host a real Justin Bieber kinda marriage party during Christmas. 

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