LOL! Amy Jackson Compared With Sunny Deol and Gets Trolled For Her Crappy Performance at IPL Opening Ceremony

LOL! Amy Jackson Compared With Sunny Deol and Gets Trolled For Her Crappy Performance at IPL Opening Ceremony

Bollywood actress Amy Jackson was the opening performer of 10th edition Indian Premiere League 2017 which was held on April 5. She was the centre of attention at IPL 2017 for her opening performance at Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium in Hyderabad, held on April 5. Her performance started with the Bollywood songs Kaala ChashmaOm Shaanti Om and it was so pathetic that it did not please anyone. Instead of getting praised, Amy Jackson got trolled on social media. Her dance was described with phrases like “so pathetic” and “damn hilarious”.


Amy Jackson ipl pathetic dance


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Amy Jackson soon became the trending topic on Twitter as people started sharing their views on her crappy dance performance at IPL 2017. Not only her bad performance, even her wrong lip-sync irked the viewers of IPL. Amy’s performance turned out to be nightmare and became talk of the town. Most hilarious tweet was Amy Jackson’s comparison with Sunny Deol’s dance and twitterati asked for replacement. 

Here are some of the wittiest tweets which will always remain with Amy Jackson as a nightmare 


When Sunny Deol was asked for Amy Jackson’s replacement


When the Deol family was one of twitteari’s demand



 Amy Jackson’s teachers and other dance classes shut and left for Kashi



Ohh bad! Compared with a puppy



A Fumbling Dance By Amy Jackson !



Seriously, Zumba classes at IPL



When we thought it was wrestler dance



RIP Michael Jackson



Did IPL underpay Amy!?


Well, IPL have organized eight opening ceremonies this year at eight venues. Bollywood stars SRK, Parineeti, Tiger Shroff, Sharaddha Kapoor, Riteish Deshmukh, Monali Thakur and Disha Patani will be seen giving starry performance.

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