An Insensitive Hoax About Vinod Khanna’s Death on WhatsApp Is Going Viral and It’s The Most Wicked Thing

An Insensitive Hoax About Vinod Khanna’s Death on WhatsApp Is Going Viral and It’s The Most Wicked Thing

A veteran actor Vinod Khanna’s hospitalization for some severe medical illness(dehydration or cancer, not yet confirmed) grabbed the headlines. Yesterday, we shared the news on Eventznu about his hospitalization at Girgaum and he is recovering from the ailment. The pic of Vinod Khanna from NH Reliance Foundation and Research Centre  Girgaum went viral as he was unrecognizable and one could see he has lost lots of weight. His fans, followers and friends prayed for his speedy recovery after the pic went viral.

While his son Rahul Khanna gave the statement that Vinod Khanna is recovering and will soon be discharged from the hospital, inhumane hoax messages about his death is going viral on Whatsapp. An official statement released from the hospital clearly stated that Vinod Khanna’s situation is under control and the deceased is responding well to the treatment, but the messages on WhatsApp are circulating and going viral that he is passed away.

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I had to write this specific blog because we human have become prey to technology at the extent that we believe everything that’s get served to us on social media is right. Not for once we give a thought to verify the facts before forwarding some thick-skinned messages. This morning, I was shocked to see when my WhatsApp inbox was pored with messages about Vinod Khanna’s death. And the most convenient message among is ‘RIP’. Stop being herd and get your facts right guys. Vinod Khanna is very much alive and stop forwarding this fake news with ‘RIP’ on WhatsApp. 

We wish Vinod Khanna to recover soon and lead a healthy life.





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