7 Most Obvious Makeup Mistakes Girls Make Which They Do Not Realize

7 Most Obvious Makeup Mistakes Girls Make Which They Do Not Realize

Are you a true makeup enthusiast? Do you fall in the category of “I know it all” about makeup? Well, then it’s time to sit back and read along our list of 7 most common makeup mistakes that you might be making in your daily life without even realizing.

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Let’s have a look at 7 most obvious makeup mistakes which every girl makes –

1.Water Proof Mascaras

Applying waterproof mascara is fine especially for the pool parties. But if you start applying them on regular basis then they will dry out your lashes. Also, removing waterproof mascara is a pain. Thus, you might end up losing your precious eyelashes also in this process.

2.Stretching Your Eye Area For That perfect Winged Look

Creating a perfect winged makeup look is every girl’s dream. And we all pull and stretch the under eye area to get that perfect look. This not only reduces the elasticity of under eye area but it also makes the delicate skin around the eyes prone to wrinkles.

3. Applying Lipstick Directly

Obvious makeup mistakes girls make

Girls, if you want that perfect Angelina Jolie pout then it can never be achieved only with a lipstick. You need a combination of lip balm, lip liner and lipstick. It’s very important to prep your lips first with a lip balm. This makes the application of lipstick much easier. And then line your lips with a lip liner and finally comes the lipstick.

4. Using Right Eyebrow Pencil

Makeup experts suggests that brows should always be filled with colours which is lighter than your eyebrows and not darker. So, in case your eyebrow colour is dark brown then you should use an eyebrow pencil which is light or medium brown in colour. This will makeup your eyebrows look natural and well defined.


5. Too Much of Face Powder

Applying too much of face powder or powders with fuller coverage formulae will not only make your face look unnatural but it will also make you prone to wrinkles and will add more years to your face. It is because powders get settled into fine lines, wrinkles and pores. So, always use a light powder and only to set your face. Liquid foundation are any day better than the powdered ones.

6. Uncleaned Makeup Brushes

For girls who use makeup brushes every day, they ought to be cleaned every day. Else there might be bacteria and different kind of dirt in your brushes which will affect your skin in the long run. Using uncleaned brushes will cause breakouts and irritated skin. Therefore, Clean your makeup brushes time to time.

7. Matching Foundation at the back of your hand

Getting a foundation which matches your skin tone perfectly is an extremely difficult task. But if you match your foundation by applying it on the back of your hand then you are committing a major makeup blunder. The best is to apply the foundation at your jawline and then look for a perfect match. One more important tip, check the foundation shade in natural light.

Let us know if you want to add any more makeup mistakes which we girls make on everyday basis in the comments down below.


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