6 Quirky Beauty Tools That Will Blow Your Mind!

6 Quirky Beauty Tools That Will Blow Your Mind!

Yes, the world has become crazy when it comes to beauty. Contouring, non-touring, falsies and what not. Many of such pretty beauty tools have made their way to the market. But the question here is, how far will you go to look beautiful? There are some tools which will make you skeptical about buying these tools, but if you believe the ones who’ve used them, these insane tools work really well. Remember, when eyelashes curler hit the market and you thought that you’re never going to try this dangerous tool on your eyelashes? But you did so, isn’t it?

So check out this list of 6 quirky beauty tools that will blow your mind

1. Eyeliner Stencils

Quirky Beauty Tools

Now you can finally have perfectionist make-up artist Adele’s like winged eyeliner in no time. These eyeliner stencils come in various sizes according to your eyes for effortless cat eye look. It works well on both liquid eyeliner and dark eye-shadow. Eyeliner stencil is no less than a personal makeup artist on speed dial.


2. Lip Patches

Quirky Beauty Tools

You must’ve already come across this weirdo looking beauty tool. Move over lip balms now, cause these lip patches are new in vogue these days. This is another quirk product which keeps your lips plump and hydrated. This patch is meant to be used for a single time only. You might look like ‘The Joker’ from the batman series while having it on, but it really works. Jessica Alba and Lady Gaga swears by it. So isn’t it worth the splurge?


3. Lip Plumping Tool

Quirky Beauty Tools

No need to go for costly surgical procedures to get the lip job done like Kareena Kapoor. This tool increases the blood flow in your lip region when you suck through this beauty tool. This gives you much red and fuller pout. The results last for three hours or such. If you’re looking for a permanent lip plumping tool, then don’t get fooled by it.



4. Facial Hair Remover

Quirky Beauty Tools

Why go to the salon to get your upper lips done? You can just roll this coil over your upper lips and get your upper lips hair removed at home. This might look a bit tacky at first, but it’s the best ever tool to get your hair removed with minimal pain.


5. Silicone Blackhead Remover

Quirky Beauty Tools

This beauty tool works very well as a pore massager and a blackhead remover. It removes your blackheads from its roots without causing any irritation and redness. You can wear this silicone tool on your finger for better grip. You can use them to clean your makeup brushes as well!


6. Anti-Wrinkle Face Slimming Cheek Mask

Quirky Beauty Tools

Yes, it is true that you might look like batman while this mask on. But this masks effectively contours your face. You can read a book, do your household chores, watch TV while this mask does its task


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