Royal Wedding: Priyanka Chopra’s Insta Tribute To Bestie Meghan Markle Is Must Read

Royal Wedding: Priyanka Chopra’s Insta Tribute To Bestie Meghan Markle Is Must Read

Priyanka Chopra Congratulates Newlyweds Meghan Markle and Prince Harry With The Sweetest Message

Meghan Markle’s journey from being an actress to becoming the Duchess of Sussex is a fairy-tale! The Royal wedding reminded us of a Disney movie especially when the couple drove off to their star-studded reception in a sleek convertible Jaguar. Guess knights in shinning armours have traded their white horses for cars! The wedding ceremony and the reception was attended by royalties to Hollywood celebrities, one of such celebrity was Priyanka Chopra!

Priyanka Chopra and Meghan Markle have been friends for quite some years now. Priyanka has proved her friendship time and again when she stood in defence of Meghan when she received backlash for her relationship with the British Royalty. Ever since the news of Meghan’s royal engagement to Prince Harry was announced— Priyanka has been on cloud nine for her friend. So, naturally PeeCee had to be happy to be a part of the Royal celebrations.

The World Is Praising Priyanka Chopra’s Choice Of Outfit at Prince Harry, Meghan Markle’s Royal Wedding

Priyanka turned to Instagram to express her excitement and delivered a heartfelt message to the new Duchess of Sussex.

In the post accompanied with the pictures from the royal wedding, the ‘Quantico’ actress stated how happy she is to see the couple’s love and union being blessed. Priyanka also called Meghan an epitome of grace, love and beauty on her big day. She further added that she wishes Meghan and Harry love, happiness, and togetherness always. We couldn’t agree more Priyanka!

As Priyanka correctly wrote Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s union will go in history not because it was a Royal wedding but due to the choices made to make it happen.

The now Duchess was a divorcee actress of colour who shared a different nationality than Prince Harry’s.Everything that the Royal Family traditions are against. Whereas for others these qualities might be something that can be adjusted to easily but for the Royal Family it probably was not.

Perhaps, Meghan is the only British Royalty of colour and the race that the royalty dominated for over centuries. This in itself makes Meghan Markle’s and Prince Harry’s union worthy of being written down in history and Priyanka is well aware of it.


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