Kim Kardashian and Drake Had Sexual Relationship? Kim K Responds This Viral Theory

Kim Kardashian and Drake Had Sexual Relationship? Kim K Responds This Viral Theory

A twitter user explained in series of tweets that Kim Kardashian and Drake Had Sexual Relationship. However, Kim Kardashian have denied any such speculations.

No matter how much do celebrities and reality stars love being in limelight, but there are days when they have to ignore or accept their fans loyalty with a pinch of salt. The Kardashian family who loves being in spotlight be it with launch of make-up brand or showing off bikini bod or surrounded by controversies, their life is no less than a reality show. Not that they do not like it, we all know they enjoy it.

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Another day and internet is buzz with Kim Kardashian and Drake’s sexual relationship. Twitter user Tyler Morrison has come with his theory which is currently going viral where he alleged that Kim Kardashian and Drake had sexual relationship. He also claimed that “Kiki” Drake referred to in his song In My Feelings is Kim Kardashian as it’s her family nickname.

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Tyler posted series of tweets claiming that Reality star Kim Kardashian hooked up with Drake.

It doesn’t end here. Having sherlock holmes’ mind, Tyler have digged pretty deep and looks like he almost did a PhD. He is claiming that Drake’s Sicko Mode lyrics which talks about secretly sleeping with a woman(is referred to Kim K) because Kim and Drake lived in the same neighbourhood.

The theory quickly gained thousands of retweets and messages and in no matter of time it attracted US gossip site The Shade Room. The host DJ Akademiks and Nick Cannon took advantage of the theory and speculated that this could be the possible reason for the recent feud between Drake and Kim’s husband, Kanye West.

However, the reality star decided to respond the rumor and took to social media to officially address the supposed rumor between her and Drake had “never happened”. Kim Kardashian shot down speculation on Monday saying “she never had” any relationship with hip hop star Drake. 

The rumours of their romance started to spread when Drake’s song “In My Feelings” referred to a girl named Kiki, which is happened to be Kim Kardashian’s nickname. 

However, sources told TMZ the two have more of a cordial relationship and never had a personal one or had a friendship of any kind.

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