Jaya Bachchan, Amitabh Bachchan Net Worth Rs 1,000 Crore! Read Full Asset Details

Jaya Bachchan, Amitabh Bachchan Net Worth Rs 1,000 Crore! Read Full Asset Details

Actress-turned-politician Jaya Bachchan, wife of Amitabh Bachchan could be India’s richest MP with assets declared worth Rs 1,000 crore.

Veteran actress-turned-politician Jaya Bachchan could possibly be the richest MP. She has declared movable and immovable assets in her affidavit to the Election Commission. The assets declared in her affidavit in 2012 were worth Rs. 493 crore.

According to the affidavit, Jaya and her husband Amitabh have immovable assets worth more than Rs 460 crore at present. The asset is over twice of the Rs 152 crore they owned in 2012. The value of their movable assets has too increased from around Rs 343 crore in 2012 to around Rs 540 crore at present. The net worth of assets of Samajwadi Party’s Rajya Sabha candidate and her husband seemed to have doubled.

The affidavit also discloses the property and jewellery they own. Jaya Bachchan’s movable assets include a pen worth Rs. 9 lakh and watches worth Rs. 51 lakh. On the other hand, Big B owns watches worth a whopping Rs. 3.4 crore. Together they own worth Rs 62 crore jewellery.

Amitabh Bachchan To Share His Property Equally Between Son Abhishek Bachchan and Daughter Shweta Nanda

Talking about property, Jaya and Big B own a 3,175 sqm residential property in Brignogan Plages in France. Also, some propertis in Bhopal, Noida, Delhi, Pune and Mumbai and in Gandhinagar and Ahmedabad.

Actor and Samajwadi Party (SP) MP from Uttar Pradesh, Jaya Bachchan also owns a 1.22 hectare agricultural plot worth Rs 2.2 crore in Kakori area of Lucknow.

On the other hand, Big B owns a 3 acre plot worth Rs 5.7 crore in Daulatpur area of Barabanki district.

Poll panel officials say with almost Rs. 1,000 crore assets, Jaya Bachchan can become the richest lawmaker at present in Rajya Sabha.


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