TV Host Ellen DeGeneres Wife Portia de Rossi Cuts Her Wrist Over Marriage Issues, Divorce On Verge

TV Host Ellen DeGeneres Wife Portia de Rossi Cuts Her Wrist Over Marriage Issues, Divorce On Verge

Popular TV host Ellen DeGeneres’s marriage have hit rock bottom. According to, Ellen’s wife Portia slit her wrist because of on going problems in marriage. The marriage is at the verge of divorce and their marriage is in trouble.

According to social media outlets, Ellen and her wife Portia are going through tough times of their marriage. Jealousy is the reason for the couple’s problems. Since the news about their divorce broke out, Ellen and Portia both have been staying seperately in California.

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“Ellen can’t deal when Portia gets attached to anyone else, man or woman. But it works both ways. When Ellen kisses up to her famous friends, Portia becomes consumed with self-doubt,” the source told National Enquirer newspaper.

Sources also confirmed that Portia’s friends had suggested her to seek help from marriage counselor expert, to which Portia said no.

“Ellen has been in counseling, both solo and with Portia. Part of their therapy is to go on more date nights. That’s why they’ve been seen out and about more together lately.”

“It’s all about spending quality time together, but still giving each other space during the workday,” the source added.

During the then president Barrack Obama’s farewell, Ellen DeGeneres had thanked president for making her marriage possible and legal. She had said, “I want to personally thank him for changing my life. I am a legally married woman because of him, and so is my wife. His courage and compassion created equality for everyone. He moved us forward and made more happen in the past eight years than I ever dreamed possible. I love him. I love Michelle.”


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