This Bollywood Star Donating Lakhs to the #UriAttack Martyr Families Proves That he is a Champ

This Bollywood Star Donating Lakhs to the #UriAttack Martyr Families Proves That he is a Champ

The recent #UriAttack which took the lives of 18 jawans, living their families in despair is never to be forgotten moment. It caused anger and shock among every common man and everyone is splurging their hatredness in different ways. While, some are asking for a tit-for-tat strike back action, some have started hashtags with #KickOutPakis and MNS’s threat message to all the Pakistani artists to vacate India within next 48hrs. What more! Tv production house – Star, Sony and Colors were also approached for not inviting any Pakistani artists on the shows or for any promotional events. 

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We all agree that, we India, lost our 18 courageous soldiers on the border while protecting our nation. But did anyone think about the martyr soldiers families? It’s not enough to just show your anger or empathy on your social walls or through the tweets, but it’s more than that. It’s good to see more of helping hands then, debating on the issues and making it worst. 

Bollywood Star Donating Lakhs to the #UriAttack Martyr Families

When everyone was busy with debates and arguments on #UriAttack, this Bollywood star’s gesture made him a real life Khiladi, which is true to his title. Yes, we are talking about Akshay Kumar, who in the need of hour, came in-to action and helped the families of martyr soldiers. He came forward and helped each family by issuing cheque of Rs. 5 lakhs-10lakhs. A total sum of Rs.80 Lakhs he donated to the jawan’s families.

Akshay Kumar said “A medal or an award is good but not enough. More needs to be done for them and their families. They need money too. 

Rohit, whose younger brother Rockey, a Border Security Force constable, died fighting terrorists during the Udhampur terrorist attack in 2015 was praised Bollywood’s Khiladi Kumar. He said,

“It’s a great step from Akshay’s side because he is the only actor who thought about us and what a family goes through when a soldier dies for the country. We felt really nice that at least someone spared some time for us.”

Ashay Kumar had also financially helped the victims of recent Chennai floods. He deserves our respect and set an ideal step for the follow actors. 


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