Black Friday Actor Savi Sidhu Is Now Working As Security Guard; Anurag Kashyap, Rajkummar Rao Lends Support

Black Friday Actor Savi Sidhu Is Now Working As Security Guard; Anurag Kashyap, Rajkummar Rao Lends Support

Being part of the movie industry is no easy task. They have to deal with struggle almost on everyday basis. Rajnikanth was a conductor, Akshay Kumar was a chef. Every actor/actress have their stories to tell. Recently, Film Companion shared a 5-minute long video on YouTube of a former actor, Savi Sidhu. In a video went viral on the social media, actor-turned-security guard is seen telling the story of his life and why he had to take up the job.

He started off by telling how exactly he started his acting journey. “Anurag Kashyap mile struggle karte karte toh mujhe ‘Paanch’ mei liya, unki jo pehli film thi release nahi hui. Uske baad unhone mujhe ‘Black Friday’ mei liya, one of the main characters that is Commissioner Samra ka role kiya maine then unke sath maine ‘Gulaal’ bhi kari. Maine Yash Raj, Subhash ji ke sath, Nikhil Advani ke sath ‘Patiala House’ kari.”

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Speaking about why things didn’t work out for him in Bollywood he said, “Kaam ki kabhi problem nahi hui. Mujhe hi chhodna pada ki mai nahi kar pa raha hoon. You know… it was like kya mere liye wait kar raha hai… yaha jaise logo ko kaam milta nahi aur mere pas itna kaam hai ki mai kaam nahi kar pa raha. Meri health problems badh rahi hain. Meri financial problems bhi badh gayi, health problems bhi badh gayi toh kaam khatam ho gaya.

Talking about the toughest phase of his life, he stated, “Sabse tough phase wo tha when i lost my wife”. He then got to know that he lost his dad as well and then his mother also passed away and then his in-laws passed away too.  Gradually he was alone. In his words, “akela hote hote alone”.

Savi Sidhu does 12 hours shift as a security guard in a housing society.

Bollywood star Rajkummar Rao and filmmaker Anurag Kashyap recognised Savi Sidhu and appreciated him for living his life with pride. 

Rajkummar Rao took to Twitter and wrote, “Very inspired by your story Savi Sidhu Sir. Have always admired your work in all your films. Will def ask all my casting friends to reach out to u. Love your positivity. Perseverance is the key to overcoming obstacles.”

On seeing the viral video, Anurag posted series of tweet, “There are so many actors out there who don’t have work. I respect Savi Siddhu as an actor and have cast him thrice when he earned the role. I respect him that he chose to live his life with dignity and picked a job unlike so many entitled out of work actors who have either become alcoholics or wasted themselves away.”

Sharing examples of actor Nawazuddin, he added, “He used to be a watchman. I used to be a waiter, I met one actor who sells bhelpuri on streets, I know an actor from Black Friday who drives a rickshaw.”

“I have seen the great Uday Chandra who did Hum Paanch and Khel Khiladi Ka in my early days walking the street. This is also true for many people in all walks of life. To give an actor a role out of sympathy, is insulting.”

“The art and the artist. Savi will have to help himself. Only thing one can do is get the casting directors to audition him for him to earn the role and for that, he will have to walk to that casting director’s office like million others…” the director further tweeted.

“At least, he is not begging. I genuinely believe that charity does not make art or an artiste. You want to help artistes like him then you need to start watching their art by paying for it,” Anurag who casted him in Black Friday wrote on Twitter.

We respect him and every other person who takes pride in their work, because every big thing stars small.

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